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Now I can love the Hulk!

§ January 24th, 2020 § Filed under hulk, low content mode § 2 Comments

Alas, due to an early morning eyeball doctor appointment, I won’t be staying up late the night before to compose the next installment of the prediction posts. But don’t let my infirmity prevent you from adding to next year’s series of posts by adding in your comic industry forecasts for 2020!

I’ll be back Monday with the next entry covering the 2019 predictions, but in the meantime please enjoy this photo I took of my very own copy of the “Nobody Loves the Hulk” 45 RPM single, previously discussed here:

Thanks, pals, and I’ll see you after the weekend.

This post brought to you by Star Warsing.

§ December 27th, 2019 § Filed under low content mode, pal plugging, star wars Comments Off on This post brought to you by Star Warsing.

I was indeed Star Warsing last night…and into this morning, so I got home way too late and tired to put together a proper entry here on Progressive Ruin Online Punditry Magazine, so just a couple o’links and reminders today.

[On the topic of Rise of Skywalker: good, though I can understand some of the criticisms levied at it by rational, reliable film commentators. It does leave me wondering what George Lucas’ wrap-up to the saga would have been…I mean, completely bonkers, sure, but Star Wars needs to be a little bonkers.]

Anyway, LINKS:

My friends the Beckners still need a little more help to get through this month, so if you can give a bit to their GoFundMe, I’d appreciate it, and they would definitely appreciate it.

I’m still taking your predictions for the comics industry in 2020, so get ’em in already!

Thanks, pals, and I’ll see you on Monday.

This is no way to start a seventeenth year of blogging.

§ December 9th, 2019 § Filed under eyeball, low content mode § 7 Comments

Hi gang! I am having what should be my final eyeball surgery tomorrow, and I know I’ve said “this will be my final eye surgery” at least three times before, so we’ll see. …Get it, “see?”

So the end result is I am probably taking the week off here while I recover/get adjusted to my new eyeball settings. If my vision is up to it, maybe I’ll be back at the end of the week, but I think I’m gonna shoot for next Monday.

In the meantime, please enjoy this swell bumper sticker Customer Brook picked up for me whilst on a business trip:

You can get your own right here!

Thanks pals, and we’ll talk again soon.


§ April 1st, 2019 § Filed under eyeball, low content mode § 8 Comments

Third time’s the charm, with any luck, and today should be my final of a series of eye surgeries…barring complications, of course! It’s just a routine procedure, so they tell me, and I should be up and around and back to work tomorrow, and with any luck I’ll return to my blogging shenanigans here on Wednesday. So, think good thoughts about my eyeball and I should see you soon…with both eyes, finally!

A brief update.

§ December 18th, 2018 § Filed under low content mode § 6 Comments

Hi pals! I think I’m going to take a little more time off from blogging while my eye recovers. My prime blogging time is at night, prior to bed, but since the surgery my eye gets a little too tired from the events of the day to want to be pointed at a computer screen. So, let’s give it another week and I’ll try to be back here before Christmas.

Thanks for your patience, friends, and I’ll talk to you again soon, I promise.


§ December 10th, 2018 § Filed under eyeball, low content mode, sick day § 6 Comments

Today’s the big day, so please enjoy this soothing comic cover while I’m getting the inside of my eyeball hosed out. Think good thoughts about my peepers if you can, and I’ll see you, presumably, in about a week or so. Thanks for reading!

Mister Mystery #12 (July 1953) – art by Bernard Baily

Sluggambit brings tidings of woe.

§ August 21st, 2018 § Filed under low content mode § 1 Comment

…Well, maybe just a little woe. I’m taking the rest of the week off from the site, but I’ll be back next Monday with more of that comical-type talk that all the kids are into. In the meantime, you can find me in the usual spots (my store, Twitter, Instagram, cage-dancing at the local discotheque) so I’ll never be too far away. Besides, I just watched the new Death of Superman animated movie, so I’ve got even more Death of Superman chatter ready to send your way.

Thanks for reading, pals, and I’ll see you on Monday.

(Special thanks to Twitter pal Doubting_Tom for the Sluggambit image. Who doesn’t love Sluggambit?)

Hold on, what kind of crazy doctor office is this, anyway?

§ May 25th, 2018 § Filed under low content mode § 6 Comments

The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle #1 (1973)
– image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database

“The March of the Koala’s” what, I wonder.

Anyway, should be back in business on Monday with the usual Progressive Ruin Content™ you’ve come to know and dread. Thank you for all of your patience, everybody, and I’ll see you then.

“Paging Dr. T-Zone, Dr. T-Zone to the operating room.”

§ May 23rd, 2018 § Filed under low content mode § 8 Comments

Ben Casey #2 (October 1962)
– image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database

“Get out of there, your patient is haunted!”

§ May 21st, 2018 § Filed under low content mode § 2 Comments

Dr. Kildare #4 (December 1962-February 1963)
– image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database

The Low Content Mode is continuing until morale (and health issues) improve…I should be up and running again more or less as normal next week. Thanks for all your patients…er, patience, pals.

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