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§ December 10th, 2018 § Filed under low content mode, sick day § 6 Comments

Today’s the big day, so please enjoy this soothing comic cover while I’m getting the inside of my eyeball hosed out. Think good thoughts about my peepers if you can, and I’ll see you, presumably, in about a week or so. Thanks for reading!

Mister Mystery #12 (July 1953) – art by Bernard Baily


§ May 11th, 2018 § Filed under sick day § 11 Comments

Well, as you may have seen on the Twitters, I am having some vision health issues that required a lot of shuffling among clinics, specialists, pharmacies, and whathaveyou most of Thursday. Now, this is mostly just affecting one eye, but still, that’s enough to put a crimp in one’s day, I’ll tell you what. But as write this, my eyes are still dilated from the last treatment, and to be honest, I’m not really up to looking at a computer screen for too long tonight. I’ll be back on Monday, so thank you for your patience.

Shop’s still open, I’m still working, though former boss Ralph filled in for me this Thursday, and he’ll be back over the next couple of Thursdays as I attend future appointments for this issue. But have some patience with me when you come into the store and I’m squinting at you all Popeye-like. I’m told the medication should start clearing up my vision in that one eye, but causes still need to be addressed to prevent that symptom from recurring. It’s a process…I’ll be okay, it’s just a matter of doing what I need to do.

Thanks for still checking in with me after all this time, pals…I’ll talk to you again soon.

My apologies for the radio silence…

§ February 9th, 2018 § Filed under sick day § 2 Comments

…but I’ve had some minor health issues that required more “resting in bed” and less “blogging like a crazy person” over the last few evenings. I’m feeling better, and should be back to standard-issue Progressive Ruining next week. Thanks for your patience, pals, and I’ll see you then.

Let us all bask in the soothing glow of this Youngblood trading card featuring Cougar.

§ January 6th, 2017 § Filed under sick day, trading cards § 3 Comments

Ahhhh…just what the doctor ordered.

The post I almost titled “I don’t want to go on the cart” except I’d already used that on a previous entry.

§ January 4th, 2017 § Filed under low content mode, sick day § 3 Comments

Well, the intention was to start going over your predictions for 2016 today, but I’ve been trying to shake an illness that’s been hanging on since Christmas and perhaps I’d be better off resting than blogging. I am feeling better, but at this stage spending hours typing away my usual pages of text into the wee hours will likely be more harmful than helpful. Blogging and family stuff and the holidays and running a store and household chores all at once while sick results in not doing any of them well (particularly at work, where errors are interfering with making a living), so now that things have calmed down a bit on most fronts, I’m going to enter “low content mode” on the blog as well. Just for a few days, while I finally, hopefully, get over this bug.

Current plan is to start tackling those 2016 predictions next Monday. I may check in here with a smallish post before then, and you can always email me or catch me on the Twitters.

Also, in the meantime, don’t forget to submit your comic industry predictions for 2017, so I can write about them in excruciating length in early 2018!

Thanks for your patience, pals, and we’ll be back to full operation soon.

Probably not updating the rest of the week.

§ March 16th, 2015 § Filed under sick day § 8 Comments

Sorry, friends…I got some kind of bug, and I think I’m better served by going straight to bed upon getting home rather than staying up and feeding the blog despite the age-old advice of “feed a blog, starve a fever.”

…Look, I’m sick, that’s as good as the jokes get.

Anyway, just so I don’t leave you hanging in case I die, for you folks wondering “what was with all the Palladium role-playing books on your birthday post,” the answer is that, as per usual, I was being a jerk.

See you guys again soon…maybe at the end of the week, if I’m feeling better. And thanks for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate them.

Sorry for the extended outage.

§ March 23rd, 2013 § Filed under sick day § 5 Comments

I’ve been ill, and spending my evenings either resting or Netflix-binging on season one of Once Upon A Time.

I’ll be back on Monday…unless of course I decide to get Once Upon A Time season two from iTunes.

I’m still feeling under the weather…

§ October 2nd, 2011 § Filed under sick day, superman § 5 Comments

…so for today’s post, you get a picture of Superman with a puppy:

…because Superman with a puppy makes everything feel better.

Back tomorrow, hopefully.

image from DC Comics Presents #94 (June 1986) by Barbara Randall, Bob Greenberger, Tom Mandrake & Don Heck

Just in case you haven’t read enough about the new DC titles lately.

§ September 5th, 2011 § Filed under question time, sick day § 79 Comments

So I was planning on responding to a couple of lengthy comments recently left on this here site regarding DC Comics and its current launchalanche, but neither 1) time nor 2) health are cooperating with me. I’ll get to them soon, I promise.

In the meantime, since I didn’t really have anything else planned for today…let me ask you: what’s the one new DC book you’re looking forward to the most? Just tell me ONE…don’t be wishy-washy and leave me a list of, like, your fourteen favorites. Pick one and stick to it, pals! …I think you can probably guess mine.

And I know Justice League already came out. You can say you’re looking forward most to #2, if you’d like. Or you can even pick Hawk and Dove. Either case, I won’t make fun of you. Promise. And you don’t need to pop in and declare “I’m not buying ANY of them because I hates DC forever” because that’s not what I’m asking for. I mean, c’mon, don’t be That Guy.

Anyway, I’ll probably do a tally of them for…Wednesday’s post, let’s say, and see what you folks are most interested in. Assuming I get enough response to tally, of course.

Sorry, gang…

§ January 24th, 2011 § Filed under sick day § 7 Comments

…feeling a bit out of it, so no real post today.

I will note that my prediction about Wizard Magazine ceasing publication and moving online has apparently come to pass, which already gives me a better record than most “psychics.”

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully.

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