A slightly less brief hiatus.

§ April 15th, 2019 § Filed under sick day § 8 Comments

Well, the plan was to be back to blogging this week, with a brand new “End of Civilization” and everything, but unfortunately I had a one-two punch of vision setbacks over the weekend and things will have to be on hold here for just a little while longer. Sorry about that!

Don’t worry, it’s nothing that’s not fixable, but until I recover a little bit more, activities like this will be curtailed. I will be back to it soon, I promise…I am not going to be one of those blogs that’s all “oh, I’ haven’t had time lately, but I’ll return shortly!” and that was heir last post in 2008. I’m still around, I still have stuff to say, I just, um, can’t see very well at the moment.

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll be back in no time. Honest! No foolin’!

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