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No, I have no idea what happened to the John Byrne Forum.

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According to my referral logs, my site is getting swamped with people searching for “john byrne forum closed” and variations thereof. And sure enough, at least when I go the site, I get an “access denied” page. So, from all appearances, it looks like the forum is shut off to the casual drive-by fan looking for some cheap, inadvertently-humorous entertainment. Probably for the best, frankly. At least you can still check out the commissions page, which features some nice work.

So anyway, to all you folks Googling me up looking for answers to that forum’s closure…sorry, can’t help you. But if you wanna talk about Swamp Thing, then I’m your guy, mostly. Unless you’re annoying about it.

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In nearly completely-unrelated news, we turned up a copy of this at the shop the other day:

A Wolfrider’s Reflections – Songs of Elfquest softcover book from 1987, featuring lyrics and sheet music for songs inspired by Richard and Wendy Pini’s legendary fantasy comic franchise. You can see the lyrics in full here (including some by fantasy author Mercedes Lackey…I’m assuming that’s the same person, anyway). Anyway, I only bring it up mostly because the name of the publisher is “Off-Centaur Publications,” which is both terrible and fantastic.

My brief mention of this book on the Twitter did inspire pal Andrew to reminisce about his past fascination with a certain series of fantasy novels.

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Ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2000. …You’re welcome.

The best idea for a "versus" discussion I’ve read in a while.

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“The Batmobile versus Kitt, Batman vs Michael Knight, who would win?”

“The Bat against The Man Who Does Not Exist! After that Bruce Wayne and Michael Knight have a date with Babe Watch.”

“Kit beats the Batmobile because it has the voice of ‘Mr. Finney’ from Boy Meets World powering it.”

“Ah, Kitt might beat the Batmobile, but then Bats would drag Hoff around by his pretty hair and then use him as a speedbump. Kitt would be so devastated having entrenched his long time friend/partner that Bats would then override Kitt’s defense system and dismantle him until he could further study the technology. Of course Hoff would spend months in traction, but his injuries would not be mortal.”

“KITT would destroy the Batmobile. That thing gets destroyed like almost every appearance. KITT was twice. I think it was 2? If you count the crappy Knight Rider 2000 movie.”

“Batman- one of his earth’s greatest martial artists, utilty belt, tons of cash and resourves=weapons,instant comm link to Oracle

Micheal Knight- has a talking car, ‘bad boy’ leather jacket and an 80s perm.”

“1. Which Batmobile? The DKR Tank-like beast would crush KITT
2. Any version of Batman would crush Michael Knight”

“…Neither Kitt nor Micheal Knight has ever dealt with the level of mayhem and chaos that Batman and the batmobile regularly encounters on a nightly basis.”

The question of prep time prior to battle is asked, to some chagrin. To wit:

“Prep time or no prep time?”

“well, if da hoff had the prep time, and he had thanos, galactus, darkside, and an army of a million daleks backing him up…..hmmm”

“How much “prep time” do they normally get in comic stories? Often the hero or villain meets up in the midst of battle or get tossed together. Prep time is just stupid.”

One person sees a quick way to a conclusion ending for this epic battle:

“On the other hand, suppose they swapped opponents?

Michael Knight would take a crowbar and destroy the nonsentient, immobile Batmobile.

Kitt would just run over Batman.

Points to the Knight Rider team!”

"Shazzam reminds me of Kazzam which was a terrible movie so i dont like it."

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“Best and Worst comic book names”

“Ok i dont think this has been done before… But who has the coolest comic book name.

“Im talking about the most fitting and sharpest for a real person who had super powers.”

“Matter Eating Lad has to be one of the worst names ever.”

“Mr. Sinister would be better if it was just Sinister without the Mr. IMO. still like it though.”

“Shazzam reminds me of Kazzam which was a terrible movie so i dont like it.”

“Wonder Girl, or any name with girl or boy, in my opinion, smokes pole.”

“I def like Thanos… its evil, but at the same time godlike sort of greek/latin.”

“Sentry, the Golden Guardian of Good”, in my opinion, blows everything out of the water.
Greatest name ever!”

“Sentries name only sucks because it’s (basically) Silver-age.”


“what about Galactus?
that name sucks”

And, well, you can’t really argue with this:

“But, the worst one is quite clearly:

Thor Girl”