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No, I have no idea what happened to the John Byrne Forum.

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According to my referral logs, my site is getting swamped with people searching for “john byrne forum closed” and variations thereof. And sure enough, at least when I go the site, I get an “access denied” page. So, from all appearances, it looks like the forum is shut off to the casual drive-by fan looking for some cheap, inadvertently-humorous entertainment. Probably for the best, frankly. At least you can still check out the commissions page, which features some nice work.

So anyway, to all you folks Googling me up looking for answers to that forum’s closure…sorry, can’t help you. But if you wanna talk about Swamp Thing, then I’m your guy, mostly. Unless you’re annoying about it.

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In nearly completely-unrelated news, we turned up a copy of this at the shop the other day:

A Wolfrider’s Reflections – Songs of Elfquest softcover book from 1987, featuring lyrics and sheet music for songs inspired by Richard and Wendy Pini’s legendary fantasy comic franchise. You can see the lyrics in full here (including some by fantasy author Mercedes Lackey…I’m assuming that’s the same person, anyway). Anyway, I only bring it up mostly because the name of the publisher is “Off-Centaur Publications,” which is both terrible and fantastic.

My brief mention of this book on the Twitter did inspire pal Andrew to reminisce about his past fascination with a certain series of fantasy novels.

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Ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2000. …You’re welcome.