You’d think that of all the phrases, they’d have left “SHEER NIGHTGOWNS” on the VHS cover.

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  • So just in case you wanted to read more of me picking at the scab of DC’s Villains Month — and geez, why wouldn’t you — here’s a long-ish interview I did over at Comic Book Resources on that very topic.
  • BEHOLD: Swamp Thing art! The Louis CK/Swamp Thing mash-up you requested, Cute Poison Ivy versus Cute Swamp Thing, and (people have been sending me this one a lot, and thanks to everyone…it was my work computer’s wallpaper for a while!) “If you see Swamp Thing, say Swamp Thing.” And then there’s my old pal Batfatty, much missed around these parts, who sent me a link to the Japanese VHS cover for Return of the Swamp Thing (based on the beautiful U.S. one-sheet, which I do have!).
  • A couple of weeks back I posted a link to a YouTube video of Video Comics, an early Nickelodeon program that would present print comics onscreen panel-by-panel, with voice actors and sound effects. The Swamp Thing episode didn’t feature the kids-on-bikes “Ride of the Valkyries” opening that many entries in the series had, but reader tvguy1979 sent along a link to a short promotional video which contains most of that missing intro.

3 Responses to “You’d think that of all the phrases, they’d have left “SHEER NIGHTGOWNS” on the VHS cover.”

  • Snark Shark says:

    Heather Locklear looks surprisingly HAPPY in that picture!

    “My career can only go UP from here!”

  • Patrick Joseph says:

    Nice find on the Nick promo! I spent about 90 minutes last weekend sifting through pre-1983 Nick material on YouTube and watched a ton of promos. Apparently this one hadn’t been posted yet. Very cool to see it!

  • bratfarty says:

    I miss Ralph’s Comics too! Always loved a correctly graded 40 year old comic. Ralph’s Mike knows how to grade them Jimmy Olsens. Yesh. Yebbus. Yuh-huh. right.