Raw mutants in vicious nightgowns.

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So I’ll occasionally search on the eBay for any Swamp Thing items that may have turned up and that I don’t already own. Not that I have the money to blow on eBay at the moment, but I get a kick out of seeing what’s out there.

Like, for example, this Belgian one-sheet for the first Swamp Thing movie:

Boy, the Swamp Thing on that poster sure raised some expectations that the Swamp Thing in the film couldn’t meet.

Here’s an Australian reprint of some issues from the first Swamp Thing series:

I had no idea what this was, though I recognized the scene on the cover from one of the Nestor Redondo issues of the series. Searching the intrawebs, I found one site with some details on the issue’s contents, plus a better picture than the one above I ganked from the auction.

And then there’s this:

Unlike the other two items mentioned above, I do own a copy of one of these posters. Just never got around to taking a picture of it to post here on the site, though I really should do it to get a better, larger scan of Heather Locklear’s face — she’s mugging hard for the camera.

And by golly, those blurbs promise “vicious mutants,” “raw terror,” and “sheer nightgowns,” and the movie delivered. Well, if by “vicious” you mean “kind of goofy,” and by “raw” you mean “way undercooked,” and by “sheer nightgowns,” you mean…well, okay, the movie had sheer nightgowns, I have to give it that. But, seriously, those nightgowns did nothing to flatter Swamp Thing’s figure.

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