My free advertising for DC Comics continues.

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I asked a couple of days ago what DC books you were looking forward to the most, and the big winner was Action Comics by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, followed closely by the J.H. Williams Batwoman comic. Neither of these are a real surprise, as Morrison on Superman is always a draw (and the Siegel & Shuster/Golden Age-esque take on the character intrigues), and we’ve all seen the beautiful work Williams has done on Batwoman in the last couple of years.

This is hardly a comprehensive scientific survey, I realize, but it surprises me that the Green Lantern franchise makes such a poor showing, with only one respondent noting interest. Given that there are four GL-related titles coming our way monthly, I wonder if that doesn’t bode well.

Another one that sort of surprises me is Mr. Terrific, if only because, at least at our shop, there seemed like there was an unusual amount of interest in this title, considering he’s hardly one of DC’s first-stringers. This was a while back, though, right after his title was announced, and perhaps it’s since been overshadowed by other more attention-grabbing series.

And despite my jerkiness about the title in the initial post, some brave souls still indicated that Hawk & Dove was their pick. I can tell you, having broken down the comic order and pulled comic subs Tuesday night…we’ve got more than a few requests at our shop for it. Liefeld is still a draw…or at least not enough of a deterrent to keep Hawk & Dove fans away. And seriously, more power to ’em. Like whatever you want, man, I’m not going to judge. Out loud. To your face.

Okay, okay, really seriously, read whatever you want. “People reading comics” is the primary goal here. We can worry about “people reading the comics I like” later.

Speaking of which, only two of you picked Swamp Thing. …I’m very disappointed.

Anyway, I might have more to say on this later, but I’ve had a long work day, and I’m still recovering from my illness. But let me say this, as I’ve had a “sneak peek” at the new DCs this wek whilst breaking down the order: decided I’m going to get Batgirl, too…looks like a fun read, as is typical of writer Gail Simone. And Action…not the kind of Superman story that’ll be familiar to folks accustomed to the post-Byrne revamp era of the character. Quite good. And Swamp Thing…ah, yes, Swamp Thing. Still spinning our wheels a bit on the “Alec must rejoin with Swampy” jag that we endured in that mini-series, but only it’s done well this time. Animal Man is about as good as you’re hoping, and I’m still undecided on Justice League International. Maybe if Swamp Thing joined.

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  • Jonathan L. Switzer says:

    I’d think the perceived ambivalence towards the GL books is due to the fact that they seem to be the least “new” of the lot. Yes, the main GL book is going in a different direction, and yes, we’re getting two new GL-related books out of the deal, but the line still appears to be more or less picking up where it left off last month. People might be excited about them, but without a truly “new” sheen on them, I doubt anyone but the most hardcore GL fan is the MOST excited about any of them over any of the rest of the 52. (For what it’s worth, the book I’m most looking forward to picking up is Firestorm, which according to the little schedule in all the DC books last month comes out the last week of the month. But of course it does.)

  • Anonymous says:

    I missed Flashpoint #5. Can you provide Swamp Thing cameo scans from that issue (so I can decide if I need to hunt it down), please?

  • I intend to get three of the four GL books.. Yes I am a tool. I also signed up for Mr. Terrific. Action Comics is just the book I am most looking forward to. Followed closely by Batwoman, Firestorm, and Batgirl.

    My pull list is up about half a dozen or so comics for this time of year. I had to cut back in a few areas to make room for some of DC’s titles. Which is an interesting side effect of the relaunch.

  • CW says:

    I’m avoiding all the new DC titles as I’m convinced this whole event will turn out to be DC’s version of Marvel’s “Heroes Reborn.”

    I give it a year until the powers-that-be decide to reboot the reboot.

  • davidb says:

    Swamp Thing International!


  • Andrew Leal says:

    Swamp Thing International should be composed of versions of Swampy whose haberdashery reflects their culture: A Swamp Thing in a fez, a sombrero, a bowler with a monocle, etc. The last one is especially adept at communing with tea leaves.

  • Zachary says:

    I was actually warned away from the re-launch at my local shop (that will remain unnamed as I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.). My guy there said “use this as an escape clause. None of it’s good. You should still drop by to say hi and buy 20th Century Boys.”
    It’s entirely possible that he just doesn’t like me.
    But THEN, at my local “no way to super heroes indie to the total max, man” shop, they had one copy of a bunch of ’em. I took it as a sign.
    Swamp Thing was great. Action was fun. Batwing was mixed, but I’m gonna stick with it ‘cuz Africa is my favorite country.
    And Batgirl? I loved Secret Six like all good Americans, but “Fight The Power”? FIGHT THE POWER? I had to invest in larger forehead to encompass my eye roll. And my forehead is HUGE. Other than that, and the incredibly, improbably-even-for-a-super-hero-book dumb cops, it was pretty good.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  • Bill D. says:

    They almost sold me on Justice League International today when I saw B’wana Beast on the first page, but he didn’t seem to appear anywhere else in the book, so I put it back.

    Yes, really.

  • Anonymous says:

    Longtime reader, pretty much first time poster.
    I’m on the “GL books don’t have the ‘new’ sheen” boat that Jonathan mentioned. I’m getting all 4, but that’s because GL is what made me start to read DC regularly. As of the others I’m at least getting in my pull list, JLI was the first one I picked because I recently started reading the Giffen/DeMatties JLI, but after reading the preview I’m starting to lose hope, then Swamp Thing because after reading about Mike’s love for Swampy, I wanted to get onto the hallucinogenic tuber train and see what Swampy’s up to now. Also, I love Yanick Paquette’s art. I’m also getting Batman and Robin because I love that book now, and Batman:The Dark Knight because I’m a sucker for dumb ol’ Batman stories with David Finch art. I’m going to start pulling JL and Action at the #3’s since I picked up JL#1, and I’m a completest, so if I start an arc, I might as well finish it, and I at first hated the idea of Action but it grew on me as time went on. Now I’m anxiously awaiting my weekly trip to the comic shop to get Action #1.

    Phew. That was a long post. Sorry for that. Anyways, I’m all for the DCnU. Seems like it’ll be fun.

  • Hulky Banner says:

    Whoops. forgot to put my name. I’m the anonymous poster up there.

  • Hulky Banner says:

    The second anonymous poster, not the first. The one with the enormous post.

  • Nick Hill says:

    Africa is my favorite country???

  • Anonymous says:

    Still couldn’t find Flashpoint #5 —– Could somebody PLEASE show me the Swamp Thing scenes from that issue??????

  • Zachary says:

    @Nick Hill I probably could have made my not terribly amusing joke a little clearer, but I was referring to DC’s Africa problems.
    I know it’s a continent. It’s where they keep Wakanda.

  • Anonymous says:

    I assume the Swamp Thing scenes in Flashpoint #5 were just a flashback to the end of Brightest Day, correct?

    Anyone know?