In which I link to a couple of my old posts while talking about a few of this week’s comics.

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There may be a few SPOILERS ahead…check with a doctor before proceeding:

  • Dungeons & Dragons #2 – I haven’t checked…any beholders in this issue? Anyone? …Anyone?
  • Oh, hello there, three Green Lantern comics in one week. The main title, Green Lantern, reintroduces one of my favorite GL villains…one that I initially encountered when I first got into the character, decades ago, so it’s good to see him back. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #5 has that wonderful blood-spewing cover I End-of-Civilizationed a few months back, and you can’t say the interior doesn’t deliver on the promise of that image. I haven’t read the Green Lantern/Plastic Man team-up comic yet, but it’s by Marv Wolfman and Brent Anderson, and it teams up Green Lantern and Plastic Man…unless it actually explodes into flames in my hands, I expect I’ll probably enjoy this.
  • Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 – And hello there, surprise end-of-story villain reveal right there on the cover! I don’t know if it’s more annoying that his appearance is spoiled on the cover, or that despite being on the cover, he doesn’t do much more than show up in time for a “to be CONCLUDED” at the comic’s end.

    Okay, it’s not really a spoiler for anyone who read the original solicitation, announcing his presence in the comic, but that solicit kinda implies more than a meet ‘n’ greet, y’know?

    (Still not as bad a spoiler cover as this.)

  • Green Hornet #11 – Don’t really have anything to say about the comic, but have I mentioned that I seem to be the only person on the planet who thinks this forthcoming Green Hornet movie looks like it might be kind of fun? I mean, that’s okay if I think that, right?
  • Strange Tales 2 #3 – The story written by the late Harvey Pekar made me sad. Sorta caught me by surprise…I’d forgotten he was going to have anything in this issue. Totally picked the perfect character to write about, too. And it was nice that they dedicated the issue to him. Also, Ivan Brunetti’s cover, featuring all your favorite Marvel characters, is pretty great.
  • So I’m gonna pull Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513 for all our comic saver customers who get Daredevil, and hope they don’t decide to drop the book now that Daredevil isn’t in it. …Or is he in it? He’s on the cover, sorta. But his name’s not in the title, so I’m expecting numbers on this book to dip down to where Black Panther usually sells. Not that Daredevil was doing all that great in the first place…#512 kinda gathered dust, for some reason.
  • John Byrne’s Next Men #1 – Man, that was a lotta recap. Well, it has been, what, fifteen years at least since it’s been on the stands? Anyway, wasn’t bad, but will likely just sell to the few remaining people in the comics marketplace who remember reading the series the first time around.

    Is there anyone out there reading this post for whom this new issue was their first exposure to John Byrne’s Next Men? Let me know…I’m curious what you thought of it.

  • Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3 TPB – Oh, man, they’re reprinting those post-Crisis issues of GL by Englehart and Staton, with the introduction of Kilowog and the arrival of Ch’p and Arisia and the rest of the GL Get-Along Gang on Earth. I hope they end up reprinting the entire run, because it’s awesomely bonkers (and the post at that link doesn’t even start to get into the crazy stuff).
  • Superman #706 – It’s Perry White Vs. That Newfangled Internet News Blogging All The Kids Are Into, in a comic that probably works better than it really should. The art’s a bit awkward, the resolution a bit pat, but it does touch upon something a little ethically untenable regarding the Superman milieu. The plot revolves around a popular blogger questioning the Planet’s relationship with Superman, and where it’s a bit inappropriate and…unprofessionally intimate, especially where Lois Lane’s concerned. And we watch Perry try to resolve this mess, while we, the reader, realize…uh, that blogger’s kinda onto something, with, um, that whole “Clark Kent works for the Planet, is married to Lois, writes stories about Superman, and, oh, right, is also Superman” kind of thing.

    Of course, this will go the way of the whole Clark Kent’s unused passport boondoggle and that’ll be that. Phew, close one, Clark!

8 Responses to “In which I link to a couple of my old posts while talking about a few of this week’s comics.”

  • Bully says:

    Last night’s Mythbusters guest-starred Seth Rogan and they tested out some of the stunts in the Green Hornet movie to see if they had any basis in real life (Answer: no.) But actually, the movie clips did indeed look visually interesting and it looks like it’s done with a light humorous touch rather than a campy over-the-top style. Could be fun.

  • Jon says:

    You aren’t the only one looking forward to the Green Hornet movie. I haven’t read a Green Hornet comic since the revival in the 90s, but I like the concept of the character. The only issue I might have is that I’m a bit tired of Rogen’s shtick. If he can keep some of his typical mannerisms to a minimum, I would be pleased.

    You also aren’t the only one with nostalgia regarding Kilowog, but mine is slightly more recent. My first exposure to Kilowog was in the Giffen/DeMatteis JL issue where he and Gardner trash a building while fighting as friends. I came to dig the character through the Giffen/DeMatteis stories and got used to his portrayal there.

    Since he came back from the dead, he was incrementally changed in a such a way that I still like the character, but he just seems the slightest bit off. So yes, I get what you are saying there. You aren’t crazy. Unless we both are, in which case viva la insanite!

  • Nat Gertler says:

    Green Hornet looks like much more fun than Yogi Bear.

  • Jack says:

    Speaking as the ONLY other person who liked The Spirit, yes, it’s okay to think Green Hornet is going to be fun.

  • Bill D. says:

    I’m thinking The Green Hornet will be 2011’s Speed Racer, the movie everyone *thinks* they need to pan but would probably enjoy if they gave it a chance and actually had a soul.

    Of course, that whole theory is entirely based around it being good, but I’ve heard a few people who’ve seen it already say they like it, so I’m hopeful.

    Besides, Bruce Lee and that guest spot on Batman aside, the TV show was no great shakes, either, but it was fun.

  • tbob says:

    It’s kinda quaint that you believe newspapers actually have ethics any more.

  • Well, it’s directed by Michel Gondry, so it should be visually interesting at least. I just hope it’s the Gondry of Eternal Sunshine and all those music videos, not the Gondry of…well, everything else.

  • Jeb says:

    Oh come on, Yogi Bear is the picnic basket stealing ninja bear master.