“Hi! I’m a Rogue button!”

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“Hi, Rogue button!”

Sorry, this is all I have for today’s post. Actual content will resume tomorrow. …Boy, Rogue sure looked different back then. Found this button when we were doing a little cleaning up/emptying of storage areas around the shop…sold tons of these white-background X-Men buttons back in the early-to-mid 1980s.

Also found during the clean-up: an envelope containing $3 we owed to pal Cully for selling copies of his Skulldog Comics mini, $6 we owe to a guy for selling his mini-comic even though I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the guy in over a decade, a stack of Thieves World novels I was supposed to take home a long time ago, an ersatz Oscar statue prop left behind by a friend when he used our shop for a student film he was making, a love letter written to a former employee (sorry, Timmy, not you), some foil Pokemon stickers (none of them of the greatest Pokemon of all time), and the Peanuts comic that I scanned from for yesterday’s post.

I suspect if we continue cleaning out our cabinets, we’ll eventually find out what happened to former employee Nathan.

11 Responses to ““Hi! I’m a Rogue button!””

  • H.P.L. says:

    That’s Paul Smith art, best X-penciller ever. And probably best X-Men season, even.

  • the Sniffer says:

    I wasn’t reading then… is her leg amputated?

  • MrJM says:

    @Sniffer – Rogue has apparently absorbed the power of the little-remembered mutant “Hoppy.” After a brief death, Hoppy was re-tooled and made his return in X-Force as “X-Leg.” Unfortunately, even Rob Leifeld’s love for a mutant with only one foot was unable to sustain the character, and X-Leg was again killed-off in the 67-part cross-over, the “X-treme X-termination X-rordinare.”

    — MrJM

  • I had that whole set of X-buttons (bought when released back in the mid-late 1980′).

    I eventually sold em off on the ebay (around 1999) and made a mint.
    So sorry to see them go.

    The whole set consisted of:

    Storm (mohawked)
    Kitty Pride and Lockheed
    DARK Phoenix

    All drawn by Paul Smith.
    All awesome!

    Ah well… can’t keep everything.

  • argh..
    mid-to-late 1980’s

    cropped out the ‘s.


    I also think there MAY have been a

    Professor X *(in standing position)

    button as well.

    I’d have to dig out those old ebay sales scans to know for sure.

  • Chris K says:

    I had that one and a bunch of (but not all of) that series. They were put out by Mile High Comics at the end of Paul Smith’s run on the book. The first 2 – Wolverine and Phoenix (whose button said “Phoenix Lives” in Orzechowski-esque calligraphy) were all new art, and at the time, Chuck Rozanski had said they would all be new Smith art. Evidently Smith couldn’t finish them (he had left the book by now I think), and the rest of the series were reprinted art, from covers and OHOTMU entries and such.

    I lived in the Denver area at this time and shopped at Mile High, and they had tons of these for sale at the registers for a long time. I think they may have come about in the wake of the Claremont-Smith signing they had then. (#174 was the current issue then, I think).

    P-Tor, you’re list is correct, though I don’t recall a Prof. X one, and do recall there being a total of 9. But at this age, who remembers?

  • philip says:

    And then the Rogue button absorbed all of Mike Sterling’s powers.

  • Chris Mosby says:

    I still got some of those somewhere, I wonder how much I could get for them?

  • g23 says:

    Nice to see Paul Smith get some love on this site. He was the artist for the X-men when I got my first subscription to the X-men in the 80s… so his work is near and dear to my heart.

  • I had the Phoenix Lives button on my jean jacket my sophomore year in high school. I was so cool. God bless the 80s.

  • FxHx says:

    Which former employee? I gotta know! My money’s on Rob or Rachel. Unless I left evidence around there at one time…