"I — I can’t drink beer fast enough!"

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I spent my Friday at the shop rearranging the toy shelves in the front as well as the shelves of stored toys in the back…cleaning, restocking, shaking my head sadly over the Wetworks action figures.

Anyway, I was pushing a box back onto a shelf, when I noticed it was bumping into something, not allowing me to push it back all the way. I pulled that box out, looked to see what was impeding progress…and found a small cardboard box containing a few mini-comics. Specifically, it contained Wood-Eye #10 and Skulldog Comics #1, both from 1996, published by Full-Frontal Harvey.

I’ve mentioned Full-Frontal Harvey once or twice on this here weblog, but for the folks who don’t remember: FFH was a local mini-comics publishing concern founded by former coworker Rob, centered around the anthology title Wood-Eye (which ran twelve issues). In its four or five year lifespan, about 35 comics under the FFH banner were released, a list of which you can see at this archive of my old website. Featured cartoonists included Rob, of course, as well as myself, Fred Noland, and pal Cully, who was the creator of Skulldog Comics. In fact, Skulldog Comics may be one of my favorite publications from FFH, particularly because of Cully’s fantastic (har har) cover:

That’s Cully’s mighty head busting through the ground. And yes, I’m the one on fire. And that’s a deadly accurate rendition of Fred in the lower left.

The cover for Wood-Eye #10 was, sadly, less impressive…I think Rob and I drew it in about three minutes, and it showed. But the corner box still cracks me up…the box in the original drawing was only about an inch and half tall, and Rob, for whatever reason, drew in a crookedly off-center Eiffel Tower. To fill the empty space, I drew a monster:

We should have just blown that up to full-cover size and used it for the main image. Ah, well.

Actually, looking through my Wood-Eyes and the old site makes me kind of miss those mini-comics days. Maybe a Wood-Eye #13 is in order….

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