Cats, raps, and caps.

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So as promised, here’s a pic of Employee Aaron’s fiance Kempo dressed as the Red Lantern cat Dex-Starr. BONUS: she’s in the pic with Dex-Starr’s co-creator, Geoff Johns:

Pretty awesome, I think. I wonder which is weirder: being dressed as a character and running into that character’s creator, or being the character’s creator and seeing people dressed as him/her/it. Luckily, thanks to my Spunky the Monkey cosplay, I think I’m relatively safe from any awkward encounters since I’m pretty sure everyone involved in the strip is long-departed.

Also, she got to ask during a DC Universe panel if Dex-Starr would be fighting Krypto the Superdog EDIT: Streaky the Supercat at some point, and Johns responded in the affirmative. WE’RE HOLDING YOU TO THIS, JOHNS.

Apparently, Employee Aaron was also in line to ask a question, but he wasn’t able to ask before question-time was cut off. His inquiry? How DC plans on reintroducing Swamp Thing into the regular, non-Vertigo DC Universe. …I’ve trained the boy well.

• • •

Hey, you look like you have a dollar. And I would like you to spend it by just clicking on that image just below, there:

Fellow Bureau Chief and Fake AP Stylebook contributor Eugene, under the name “Adam WarRock,” has released his single “Ira Glass,” and you can choose your purchasing and download options right here. (Use the Bandcamp option, since they take less off the top, which means more coin of the realm for the Euge Machine.)

BONUS: Cover art, as seen above, by The Rack‘s Benjamin Birdie. He’s also a swell cat who deserves your support.

Anyway, Eugene has gifted us with plenty of free songs over the last few months (including multiple theme songs for the comics podcast War Rocket Ajax) so please, throw down a buck for at least this one thing. Help a brother out.

And yes, I realize the rap and the hipping and the hopping isn’t to everyone’s taste. Not my own preferred musical genres, usually, but I’ve been enjoying Euge’s work over the last few months, and hopefully most of you will, too.

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This week’s sidebar icon image comes from Chris Sims, Chad Bowers and Matt Digges‘s webcomic Awesome Hospital. It’s from this particular page (WARNING: cartoon naked butt), and I was informed, as I’d wondered previously, that the image in question is in fact a specific reference to me.

So of course I totally stole it. SWAMP THING IN AN “M” HAT WANTS TO BE FREE.

5 Responses to “Cats, raps, and caps.”

  • Samuel K says:

    I love copyright violation.

    I just want you to win the fight with Sims on Twitter.

  • Anonymous says:

    When will Swamp Thing meet Aaron Lopresti’s Garbage Man?
    That’s what I want to know.

  • Leroy Hart says:

    I’m guessing Ms. Kempo is an insanely fun woman to be around. Good on you, Employee Aaron!

  • Kempo says:

    Actually , i asked Geoff Johns if I can look forward to seeing a Battle between Dex-star and STREAKY THE SUPER CAT :D he replayed “Absolutely” .

    Funny thing,Next day I bumped into him in my Streaky the super cat costume while running threw a crowd with my arms out saying WWWWOOOOSssshhh!

    thank you Leroy Hart:)

  • Necro says:

    Love it! Dex Starr has become a guilty pleasure for me. I won’t be truly happy until I see him fight Rocket Racoon.