Or maybe he’s just a fan of James Bond’s boss.

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  • There’s a small bit of satisfaction in knowing that the somewhat appalling Loonatics Unleashed anime-esque redesign of the Looney Tunes characters from a few years back is currently being held by the current cartoon developers as an example of what not to do. (I mean, I get having to keep your old properties modern and relevant, but sheesh.)
  • Over at the latest installment of Awesome Hospital, HydrogenGuy asks if that’s a picture of “Swamp Thing wearing a Mike Sterling cap?” And indeed, there’s a pic of Swampy wearing a baseball cap with the letter “M” on the front. (There’s also a pic of a naked bottom at that link, so if you work for WE HATE CARTOON PICTURES OF NAKED BUTTS Industries, I would perhaps not look at the image at work.)

    Now, I know I could just ask the guys what create the strip, since I’m in regular contact with most of them, but I’m just going to go ahead and assume that, yes, that’s a drawing of Swamp Thing with a Mike Sterling hat. And if those guys say any different, they’re lying.

  • Via a comment someone left on my site and was caught by the spam filter (and, um, was accidentally deleted…sorry!), the third and final volume of the Swamp Thing TV series is coming out on DVD, available directly from Shout Factory. It’s a terrible series, but I do have to keep that Swamp Thing collection complete, don’cha know. (Also, the linked article makes two mistakes: 1) it notes Roger Corman’s involvement in the film series, even though he wasn’t involved in the films, far as I know, and 2) the writer accidentally refers to the two feature films as “horrid,” which is clearly not true. I mean, c’mon, just LOOK AT THIS:

  • You people sure act fast! As I noted yesterday, Max Huffman of Mocktopus fame was in dire need of a new computer, and thus offered up his drawin’ skills in exchange for donations. Well, he’s already met his goal, but if he keeps getting money, maybe he can get an even fancier computer! Plus, he’s going to need that extra money to cover postage once he starts shipping all the drawings he’s sending to donors (especially if he’s shipping overseas).

2 Responses to “Or maybe he’s just a fan of James Bond’s boss.”

  • Will says:

    Animaniacs & Freakazoid were way better then the Tiny Tunes.

    Also the writers of the Swamp Thing TV show should be the last people calling anything “horrid”

  • Elliott says:

    I once saw an episode of “Loonatics Unleashed” dubbed into Spanish while waiting at the Montevideo airport, and while it’s a horrible, terrible monstrosity as an official WB product, as a vaguely bootleg-ish Uruguayan anime rip-off of the WB characters it was pretty perfect.