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Chester Brown, who brought us the alternately nightmarish/dreamlike comic book Yummy Fur (which gave us the immortal piece of dialogue “I’m not a penis! I’m the President of the United States!”), and the unfortunately truncated Underwater (not to mention the Bible adaptation back-ups in both series), recently had a hardcover collection of his Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography released by Drawn & Quarterly. It is honestly one of the best looking hardcovers I’ve ever seen.

In searching for links, I found a missing-the-point review of Yummy Fur collection The Playboy [EDIT: link dead] (the review from May 28, 2001), and some three-year-old news about a Yummy Fur movie [EDIT: link dead]. Wha huh? There’s a Yummy Fur band, too.

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"That’s who I am, and that’s what I am!"

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Licensable Bear is a cute comic written by Nat Gertler, with a fun site to go with it.

Particularly amusing is the “Products They Should Have Licensed Me For” page.
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