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So much for a relaxing Easter.

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Well, someone overnight decided to bust one of our big windows in the front of the store, which is going to set us back a pretty penny…on top of some recent big Diamond invoices and other large expenses, this is almost a bridge too far, here.

So now would be a good time to take a look at our eBay listings, our Amazon listings, or just straight up call me at 805-653-2732 after noon today and order something.

I’m not terribly happy at the moment.

Get a load of these jerks.

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So a reviewer posted what seemed like a fair-minded, reasonable if not overly-glowing review of the Avengers movie, and made the mistakes of 1) not being 100% positive about the film, 2) accidentally calling a character by the wrong name (since fixed), and 3) being a woman, resulting in some of the following somewhat over-the-top responses in the comments:

“This pathetic ***** will do anything to get some traffic for her shit little blog. Hope it paid off you stinking ****. Perhaps next time the guy who’s **** you sucked to get the job will send someone who’s actually capable of remembering a character’s name for longer than two minutes.”

“She asked her boyfriend what score she should give. Just stick to rom-coms, bitch.”

“Hope your site got the hits it so desperately craves, you sad pathetic excuse for a human being.”

“You actually wanted this movie to suck, didn’t you? I’ve seen your other reviews, and your bias opinions on pretty much everything. You spelled names wrong, you got names wrong, You somehow managed to think that explosions and aliens means Transformers. You have no business being a critic if you are going to act like this.”

“Bitch what the fuck is wrong with you, I knew there would be bad reviews from some people but not from spiteful assholes who bash shit for attention.”

“She didn’t bash it for attention, it’s starting to become clear she’s a DC fangirl, so she actually had an agenda.”

When folks tell you “don’t read the comments” — well, this is pretty much the reason why. I hope the people who left these comments are proud of themselves. (Sadly, they probably are.)

And as esteemed pal Ken says in his tweet on the topic, the last paragraph of that review “is a call to action for anyone making superhero ANYthing.” Well said, friend. Too bad the point will be missed by the folks desperate to defend their beloved film from what they somehow see as such a horribly negative assault.