Just another miscellaneous Monday.

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It’s another miscellaneous post, as I’m too scatterbrained right now to focus on a single topic, so bear with me until I can get my head on straight again.

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First off, I wanted to plug my pals over there at Vintage Video, the podcast what is plowing its way through all of 1980s major film releases with observations, analyses and trivia imparted in an easy-going and humorous manner, with only the occasional F-bomb. I’ve added a link to the sidebar there that will take you to their site and their archive of over 400 episodes, not even counting the bonus ones you’d get via their Patreon.

Oh, and have I been on this podcast, you may be asking? Why yes, I have, this very episode right here where we discuss the Heavy Metal animated film (and I wrote about the experience here). …And will I be making another appearance on there in the near future? You’ll just have to wait and see!

But, despite my appearing on the show, I hope you check out this podcast. It really is one of my favorites.

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So a couple of days ago over on the Blueskies I talked about how well the Doom one-shot was selling for me:

I’m posting the Adi Granov cover variant here because that’s the one I specifically got the most requests for, and who could blame folks for wanting it?

I implied that it was more of that dreaded speculation that was firing up demand for the book. I was asked why they wanted it, and my assumption was that it wasn’t for any specific reason, just that it was in short supply and that was enough to attract folks with dollar signs in their eyes. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times before. (Frankly, if there was a reason, I would’ve said it was the shots of Dr. Doom’s unmasked face, which they seemed to be more free about showing than in the past.)

However, Chad, the person who had asked me about the speculation in the first place, found the actual reason…apparently there’s a tribute to the late rapper MF DOOM, utilizing one of his lyrics. Well, his fans found out, and showed up a week late to get the comic because retailers aren’t ordering piles of titles to sit around for eventual sale, they ideally order to sell out or close to the initial week.

You can read all about these latest comics market shenanigans in this Comic Book Resources article. ANd I’m sure we’ll get a second printing in six to eight weeks or so, just in time for the MF DOOM fans to be no longer interested, but I’m sure I can still move copies to the regular comic fans. Ah well, What Can You Do?

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A sad farewell to Tom Luth, the long-running, and recently retired, colorist for Sergio Aragones’ Groo the Wanderer. Mark Evanier wrote a bit about his colleague, as did Sergio. The man did amazing work, somehow keeping up with Sergio’s highly detailed artwork, month after month, decade after decade.

So long, Tom.

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  • Mike Loughlin says:

    I haven’t read much Groo (I like what i’ve read, will seek out at some point), so I associate Tom Luth’s vibrant coloring with Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo covers and occasional color issue. I like Usagi in b&w, but I would have enjoyed seeing more of Luth’s colors on the series, his style meshed so well with Sakai’s. RIP.

  • Isaac P says:

    I’ve been listening to Vintage Video since you shared the episode that you guested on. The Heavy Metal episode was good, but what really sold me was the following episode featuring a childhood favorite of mine, Condorman! I’ve since listened to the entire back catalog. Once my financial situation stabilizes, I’ll be joining the patreon to gobble up those exclusive episodes. So you’ve made at least one convert to the Vintage Video cause!

  • Snark Shark says:


    That’s a damn great cover!

    Sucks about Tom Luth. One of the few colorists I associate with a certain title.

  • Mikester says:

    Isaac P – I remember going to see Condorman in the theater during its original run, attending with a school friend and his family, though I can’t recall the experience of actually watching it!

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