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Just been a week for surprise comics news, I guess, as Marvel has finally announced that they’ll be doing an Uncle Scrooge McDuck comic: Uncle Scrooge and the Infinity Dime. Multiple covers, natch, with the “main” cover as such:

…and feast your eyes on the Alex Ross variant cover:

Now, if you read the description of the comic at the link, it certainly sounds like the most Marvel-type comic they could be doing with this Disney property. Is there a multiverse involved? Of course there is.

Speaking with a pal of mine, he asked “just who is the audience for this?” And ideally it should be children, and at my shop I get enough children passing through that children’s comics are a viable product line for me. I know this may not be the case at some shops, either by accident or design, but I think overall the target audience for this book may not getting exposed to it.

However, ain’t nuthin’ wrong with getting some of those Marvel readers to try out Uncle Scrooge too, either through some of that DuckTales nostalgia, or the fact that it’s being written by noted comics scribe Jason Aaron, or that Alex Ross cover, or that it’s being sold as a (quoting from the press release) “time-honored Marvel adventure,” and so on. Just getting the big push from Marvel may get more people to try it out aside from the usual Disney fans.

It looks like it’ll be fun, and. it’ll be a welcome return of Scrooge and Donald and the nephews to comic book stands. I hope it’s successful enough to generate follow-up comics, and that it creates new fans, especially young ones, for Disney comics.

I’ve seen several comments online hoping this means actual team-ups between Marvel’s heroes and the Disney gang. I would prefer this wouldn’t happen, but I can’t deny that they’d likely sell well until Marvel does too many of them. But I’ll tell you what, Donald Duck Vs. Howard the Duck: Battle for The Pants — Marvel/Disney, I would write that for (almost) free.

And the comics retailer in me has a wish or two of his own, like trade editions of Marvel’s previous forays into adapting Disney’s animation, like their Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast series. Or Marvel’s two Roger Rabbit graphic novels…people still like Roger Rabbit, they’d sell!

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In even yet more news, DC Comics is returning to Wednesday on-sale dates for their new comics, starting this July. Just as well, since hardly anyone noticed the change to Tuesdays in the first place. I mean, there were a few early birds, but otherwise folks just waited ’til Wednesdays.

DC should do their own version of these Marvel variants from around the time DC originally made the move in 2020.

“DCs Back on Sale Wednesdays!” variants would be all the rage, I just know it.

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  • Cassandra Miller says:


    Er, ahem. Sorry.

  • Chris K says:


  • Jim Kosmicki says:

    I know it’s a totally different license, but I’d love to see someone figure out how to reprint the Disney published Dick Tracy series released to tie in to the Warren Beaty movie. Kyle Baker’s art is fabulous in all three issues. the third one, adapting the movie, is okay, but the two previous issues, written by John Moore (Len Wein did the movie adaptation script), are some of the better Dick Tracy comics out there.

  • Sean Mageean says:

    Yes! “Donald Duck Vs. Howard the Duck: Battle for The Pants” would be awesome–make it so…with the plot twist that Daisy Duck gets the pants…

  • ExistentialMan says:


    Agree with ya’ that it would be awesome but clearly, Beverly, not Daisy, should get the pants.

  • Mikester says:

    Sean ,ExistentialMan – guys, guys, you’re spoiling my Beverly vs. Daisy sequel.

  • Oliver says:

    R.I.P. Enrique Badia Romero and Ramona Fradon, who both made it into their 90s after long careers.

  • Sean Mageean says:

    That is sad news. I was less familiar with E
    Enrique Badia Romero’s work, although I have read the Axa reprint that Eclipse Comics published, and Ramona Fradon is one of the great Silver Age/early Bronze Age DC Comics artists…her Aquaman, Metamorpho, and Plasticman work is classic. May they both rest in peace.

    Here are some links regarding their careers:



  • Snark Shark says:



    OK, it looks weird to have Disney characters with Marvel branding even though I KNOW Disney owns Marvel.

    ” since hardly anyone noticed the change to Tuesdays”

    I certainly didn’t.


    Roger Stern writing Spider Man & Scrooge McDuck? YES.

    “these Marvel variants”

    A cover with just the logo and AD COPY? LAME.