Social muddy-a.

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Hi pals…sorry for the short post today, was just too tired last night to get anything together.

I’m just going to leave a brief note about the current Social Media Shuffle…I’m still on Twitter, while the duct tape is still holding everything together. And I have a Mastodon account, which is fine but is just mildly complicated enough for it to not quite feel “Twitter-like.”

The current point of exodus appears to be Bluesky, where you can find me under “” It’s invite only at the moment, but my account there should be publicly accessible eventually, along with everyone else’s. Here’s hoping…it looks like it may be the site of choice, but I thought that about another place until policy decisions an’ such caused folks to bail.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. Everything could change again in a few weeks. But will still have links to wherever I’m at, though I need to update it again (and probably drop off the social media accounts I don’t intend to keep around).

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  • Craig says:

    I’ve read Progressive Ruin since discovering it years and years ago, and it’s been a kind of safe haven for talkin’ about comics (I was in the retail end for 12 or so years). Blue Sky also appears a safe haven for now. Can always bail! But thanks for so many amazing posts over the years.

    You never have to apologize for not blogging! We’re just glad you still do. c.