Void Indiupdate.

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Okay, a brief follow-up on the morning’s Void Indigo post. As suggested in the comments, Steve Gerber did have on the old version of his site with a document outlining the stories for issues #3-6. You can also find an uncompleted bit of business for the Ultraverse title Sludge, as well as his unpublished Howard the Duck script. (Just go to his site via the Wayback Machine…you’ll find Howard and Sludge under “Scripts,” and for the Void Indigo outline (and a script for #2) you’ll find a link in the “Bibliography” section.)

The site was retooled after Gerber’s passing. It retains Gerber’s own postings, but I don’t know if the scripts and such are still available there.

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  • Oliver says:

    Gerber as a writer never particularly hooked me, to be honest. However, my unique connection to him is that my uncle William Zappa (no relation to Frank) played a character named Steve Gerber in the misbegotten ‘Man-Thing’ movie from 2005.

  • Sean Mageean says:

    Re: Dreadstar and Company, and Dreadstar in general…it always seemed disappointing to me when creators including Jim Starlin, Howard Chaykin, and Mike Grell would create cool characters and then have others work on them eventually. I mean, I get it that they might have become burnt out on deadlines or have new concepts that they might have wanted to focus their energies on, but I always preferred the Wally Wood method of hiring assistants to do some of the background inking or whatever but having the creator continue producing the bulk of his own work. I think having others take over the writing and especially the art on Dreadstar, Starslayer, and American Flagg just brought the overall quality of those projects down…especially when the new artists had art styles that were markedly different from those of Starlin, Chaykin, and Grell. I can give Chaykin some credit for bringing in Mike Vosberg, whose style had some similarities, at least. Also, back to Dreadstar, I think Starlin giving him a superhero costume was not a great move….

  • Snark Shark says:

    “Hey people My Age…were the Surf Punks strictly a California phenomenon or did you people in other states have any awareness of them”

    I don’t think so, but I don’t live next to the beach.