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Reader Paul, longtime member of the Progressive Ruin Elite Support Team Operatives, has concocted this much-needed follow-up to my troll-less lamentations from Monday’s post:

This is, by the way, exactly what my storefront looks like. Yes, even with the trolls.

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Due to a handful of very early morning errands and doctor’s office visits, my late-night blogging routine has been curtailed slightly, hence the shorter posts. I should be back to speed for Friday. Thanks for your patience, pals!

9 Responses to “PRESTO!”

  • Sean Mageean says:

    There should be a “Crisis at Sterling Silver Comics” cross-over event where the Magic Mountain Trolls meet H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, and The Banana Splits!

  • Mike: you need those DC Go-Go checks hanging on the walls the length of your store. Just sayin.

  • Snark Shark says:


    Sean Mageean: “There should be a “Crisis at Sterling Silver Comics”

    Yes, but I favor one with the Celebrity-themed comics of Bob Hope, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, the Beatles, Alice Cooper & Kiss!

    Wayne Allen Sallee: “Mike: you need those DC Go-Go checks hanging on the walls”


  • Snark Shark says:

    Seriously, how are those kids not running away in SHEER TERROR?

  • Sean Mageean says:

    Snark Shark:

    “Yes, but I favor one with the Celebrity-themed comics of Bob Hope, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, the Beatles, Alice Cooper & Kiss!”

    I would add the Silver Age iteration of the Teen Titans to the mix–Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy–for teaming up in 1968 with Hope (and his nephew, Super-Hip), Martin and Lewis, and The Beatles in Pepperland to combat the Blue Meanies, the Mad Mod, Ding Dong Daddy, Mister Twister, Honey Bun, and the Gargoyle.

    Meanwhile, the time travelling Bronze Age iteration of the Legion of Super-Heroes goes back to 1978 and teams up with Alice Cooper and Kiss to take on Darkseid’s minions.

    All the heroes and celebs time travel and eventually end up at Sterling Silver Comics in the year 2022 where they consult with Mike and Ralph about how best to dispatch Darkseid. Mike reveals that his shop acts as a nexus point for Dr. Who’s TARDIS, and Dr. Who is summoned and brings with him Arnold Drake, Jack Kirby, Jim Shooter,Paul Levitz, Bob Haney, Steve Gerber, Roger Stern, and David Anthony Craft who concoct a strategy for the heroes and celebrities to defeat Darkseid.

  • Chris V says:

    Steve Gerber almost wrote that very Teen Titans story, only with the Sub-Mariner.

  • Sean Mageean says:

    Chris V. :

    Hey, we can include Howard the Duck, Namor the Sub-Mariner and Dr. Doom –and let’s throw in Man-Thing–in the plot–the more the Merrier Marvel Marching Society!

  • Sean Mageean says:

    I forgot to add: Darkseid’s minions would be going after Alice Cooper and Kiss because Darkseid believes that either Alice Cooper or Gene Simmons possesses the Anti-Life Equation. However, Desaad actually thinks Beverly Switzer has the Anti-Life Equation–and kidnaps her and Howard the Duck. Namor battles the Deep Six, who attack Atlantis. When the bands and heroes do a commando raid on Apokolips, Alice Cooper defeats Granny Goodness after the female Legionnaires convince the Female Furies to revolt, and Alice Cooper frees the kids whiles singing “School’s Out.” The Micronauts and Man-Thing make the scene, knowing that Darkseid is just as evil as Baron Karza was, and they lead the Hunger Dogs of Armagetto in a revolutionary uprising.

    Meanwhile, after defeating parademons and Virman Vundabar, KISS performs “God of Thunder” –thus summoning the Mighty Thor and
    the Asgardians who join Orion and the New Gods in
    defeating Darkseid. Dr. Doom joins in using the Cosmic Cube and Darkseid is banished to a pocket limbo.

  • Sean Mageean says:

    After the Teen Titans, The Beatles, Bob Hope, Super-Hip, and Martin & Lewis defeat the Titan villains and the Blue Meanies and restore Peace and Love to Pepperland–and George Harrison tells the Mad Mod that he isn’t gear at all, but actually grotty, Harrison sings “The Inner Light”–and the heroes, comedians and band are picked up by Metron and sent to Apokolips.

    The newly liberated Apokolips has a huge celebration with Hope, Martin & Lewis doing stand up comedy for the
    formerly oppressed people–who discover the healing
    power of laughter. Alice Cooper, Kiss, and The Beatles put on a concert –including A.C. playing “Freedom,” Kiss playing “Rock and Roll All Nite,” and The Beatles playing “All You Need Is Love” all while Wonder Girl, Beverly Switzer, Marionette, Saturn Girl, Dream Girl, Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, Duo Damsel, Light Lass, Princess Projectra, Shadow Lass, and Dawnstar all do Go-Go dancing up on stage–with DC’s Go-Go checkerboard behind them!