It’s beyond me.

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So here’s just a quickie “variant cover-age” post today, featuring a comic I came across in a collection recently. It’s a reprint of the first issue of the Batman Beyond mini-series:

…with “FREE” replacing the price, and a Six Flags logo printed in the corner:

Not to be confused with the other version of this promo comic with just the blank box, of course.

Not much to say about it aside from “hey, look, it exists,” an jhd a good reason to return to this series of posts on my site.

I presume this was given away at the amusement parks under the Six Flags banner. This copy I had in my possession still had a coupon flyer inside for other attractions:

Before you ask: already sold and gone. The going price on the item was higher than I expected, though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. If this was a park giveaway, I suspect most copies ended up dumped on the ground, tossed in the trash, or just plain mishandled while carrying it around and transporting it home. As such, not a whole lot of mint copies out there, I think.

I don’t know (and can’t seem to look up anywhere) if this was a specific tie-in to a Batman-themed ride. I mean, the last time I was at the nearest Six Flags attraction, Magic Mountain, it was well before the Six Flags acquisition and the park’s mascots were trolls. I mean, there were plenty of Batman-themed rides, but I don’t think any of them were Beyond-related (aside from being temporarily “skinned,” maybe, like the Nightmare Before Christmas reworkings of Disney’s Haunted Mansion).

Anyway, it’s a neat little item, thought it has me wishing for a comic based on those trolls.

4 Responses to “It’s beyond me.”

  • Matthew says:

    Huh, those trolls. Interesting?
    Here they are in colour:

  • Snark Shark says:

    “If this was a park giveaway, I suspect most copies ended up dumped on the ground, tossed in the trash, or just plain mishandled”

    Yup, pretty likely! Also, being regional would add to its rarity. Or are those parks more widespread that I think?

    “plenty of Batman-themed rides”

    My favorite is the Joker-themed Bumper Cars where you can repeatedly drive over Jason Todd!

  • PRESTO! says:

    […] Reader Paul, longtime member of the Progressive Ruin Elite Support Team Operatives, has concocted this much-needed follow-up to my troll-less lamentations from Monday’s post: […]

  • Allan Hoffman says:

    The Wizard in that photo deserves one of Mike’s Freak Out posts.