Fun flies when you’re having time.

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yet another artifact from the Previous Place of Employment (if you missed it, I posted one on Wednesday): the Ralph’s Comic Corner clock!

Gifted to the shop by a customer (and alas, which customer I can’t remember), the image for the clock’s face was blown up from a business card and colorized. (The drawing, like nearly all drawings done for the store’s business cards, fliers, signs and such, was by cartoonist/animator Tom Foxmarnick).

As a nod to the ol’ role playing game part of the business, please note that the clock’s numbers are made up of teeny-tiny dice:

When Ralph brought it to me, he wasn’t sure if the clock still worked, as he replaced the battery in the back and no tempus fugited. However, I am happy to report that I had a fresh new battery at home, and once placed in the clock, the hands once again started ticking off the remaining seconds of our fleeting lives. Hooray!

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In other news, comments have been left on the posts from earlier in the week, and I’m not ignoring them! I will respond to those that need responses sometime next week. Thanks for reading, and commenting!

4 Responses to “Fun flies when you’re having time.”

  • Andrew Davison says:

    Some of the dice must be missing, and the fact that 1 o’clock can’t use two dice is extremely upsetting.

  • Pal Cully says:

    I’m having a flashback! I am happy you’re now the curator of this piece of history. Much love.

  • Dave Carter says:

    Please tell me that you’ve set aside a corner of Sterling Silver Comics and named it “Ralph’s Comic Corner” where you feature old indy comics from the 70s & 80s!

  • Thom H. says:

    Comic shops are so different now than they were back in the day. It’s nice to see remnants of the era when things were a little more handmade and personalized.