I’ve had a long day.

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So Tuesday took a lot out of me at the shop today, and ended up getting home pretty late. As such, let me just cover a couple things:

Readers added some good information to Monday’s post in regards to variant interiors and repackaged remainders. I added a big ol’ addendum to that entry to reflect these updates, instead of doing a brand new post about it, as I’d prefer to keep this series…self-sufficient, I guess? So you find all the info on a particular variant on just the one page, instead of having to read updates over the next three or four posts. Anyway, I wrote a bit there so check it out.

Next, I wanted to remind folks that there’s a lively discussion regarding the Legion of Super-Heroes and its scattered continuity/publishing going on in the comments to this post. In this case I’ll likely do an update post on the topic addressing some of your thoughts.

Finally, don’t forget, for your #1 Source in Comic Staples Information please visit Does This Comic Have Staples? and bask in the enlightenment.

2 Responses to “I’ve had a long day.”

  • Brian says:

    You should have just posted a variant of the last post, with different contents!

  • Mike Loughlin says:

    Hope the last couple days have been easier, and we appreciate that you post whenever you can!