First thing to go is the luxurious mane of golden hair.

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So let’s wrap up this long week (it is Friday, today, right? I’m not 100% sure) by looking at your responses to Monday’s post. As a reminder, I was responding to the question “what new character introduced in the 21st century do you think will have staying power?” or words to that effect. And anyway, I totally forgot to bring up the new Batwoman, introduced in 2006, and certainly a distinct version of the character from previous iterations. I mean, she’s got a TV show now and everything.

So, to your comments:

I was wondering about that dinosaur what’s in the Runaways comic and whether it also appeared in the TV show adaptation, and BRR informs me

“I’ll blissfully ignore the possibility the question is rhetorical. The dinosaur is in the show!”

Not rhetorical at all! I genuinely was curious.

Chris G notes

“The funny thing about Jon Kent is that it wasn’t all that long ago that Lois & Clark had essentially adopted another super-powered Kryptonian teen. But nobody ever mentions Chris Kent these days!”

This is true…the whole “Chris Kent” thing occurred prior to the Flashpoint rejiggering of the DC Universe, and now that the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois have been moved into current continuity, he typed even as he realized how nonsensical that all sounded, that means those events are part of the current Superman’s past. …Except with the said rejiggering, both Flashpoint and whatever Rebirth was, the argument could be made that the Chris Kent stuff was made never was at some point, which is why he’s not brought up.

Or who knows. Maybe Bendis will bring him back and suddenly Lois and Clark will have two sons.

Matthew brings up some possibilities for new characters with staying power:

First mentioned are X-23 and Quentin Quire, and…yeah, probably they’ll be around for a while. X-Men characters I feel like have a better chance of sticking around or at least not being forgotten. The X-books always seemed like a franchise that wasn’t afraid to dig into is own history on a fairly regular basis for new subplots and story ideas. If X-23 goes away for a while, I’m sure she’d be back in some for or ‘noter sooner rather than later.

“Would the current version of Groot count?”

That’s a tricky question. The Wiki entry says that it’s a different Groot, but…part of the same species, maybe? I feel like there’s some continuity of existence between the two. By the standard we’d been going with, in which a prexisting superhero name/concept can be introduced with a new person under the cowl and be considered “new,” then this new version of Groot is a new, distinct character. WEIRD BUT TRUE

“The characters people have mentioned tend to be superheroes, are there any supervillains people think will stand the test of time.”

Think I’ll save that one for a future post. It’s a much harder question, I think!

“And yes, I have seen Simon Baz recently. He was in the Lego DC Super Heroes blind bag minifigure series released in January. Why him? I have no idea.”

There are worse fates than achieving a form of immortality via Lego!

Aaaand…let’s wrap up on Monday, because once again I’m dead tired (hey, it’s hard work running a store that’s closed!) and just can’t stay up any later to finish this post. Yeah, I know, back in my blogging prime i’d be up ’til 4 in the morning making sure I had one of my 7-day-a-week entries ready for the world. But, you know what they say, blogging is the second thing to go.

See you guys then.

2 Responses to “First thing to go is the luxurious mane of golden hair.”

  • Cassand says:

    Chris Kent turned out to be the son of Zod, right? And that storyline actually ended with him going back to the Phantom Zone, iirc. He’s definitely been seen since, just going under his “-Zod” name, which I can’t recall.

    I think Kate Bishop is a good candidate for a character who’ll stick around.

  • Jason A Wheeler says:

    (From yer Twitter) “Following up Ill Repute with the only logical choice”

    that Carson LP almost SUNK Casablanca records!