I will never get tired of referencing Cool Points…sorry Brian.

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Okay, being quick about this because I started late and I need my beauty sleep:

I recently started throwing the store‘s back issue stock onto a publicly accessible Google sheet, which you can see at this link here: tinyurl.com/sterlingsilvercomicslist. Did it for what should be obvious reasons, plus I seem to have some extra time to work on such a thing. Anyway, I only just barely started (three boxes down, several dozen more to go!) but if you see anything on there you like, give me a call or drop me a line. Or ask me for anything else you’re looking for, I wouldn’t mind.

This is just a quick and dirty way of getting inventory in front of eyes too distant to see it all in person, which is working okay as is. But the spreadsheet format will allow me to export the data and import it into a more useful interface, I’d imagine. Something to worry about after the current crisis is under control, and I’m not in so desperate a need to move product.

Also today I was going to respond to this tweet by Twitter pal Tim:

“Best example of people overvaluing comics which they were attempting to sell to you (another excuse for you to reference the Death / Return of Superman)”

who inspired my post on the 3rd. Well, one, I still need to cover your responses to my second post on the matter, and two, my best example is a story I’ve told on this blog before, and I wanted to come up with more examples but brain no work good when it’s this tired, so I’ll try to save it for Friday or Monday. Anyway, 100 Cool Points to anyone who remembers what story I’m talking about.

Now I’m sure some of you have seen examples over the years of folks thinking their comics were worth far more than they were. It’s not uncommon, and you can’t really blame most people for it, especially after how many stories they’ve heard about the first Superman being a million dollars or whatever. But if you have any particularly weird or extreme examples I’d like to hear them if you’d care to drop them in the comments section. I’m sure I’ll end up discussing them in that aforementioned future post on the topic.

Okay, that’s enough, I’m hitting the sack, and also going to bed. Be back Friday!

8 Responses to “I will never get tired of referencing Cool Points…sorry Brian.”

  • William Lynch says:

    There’s a guy in our coin club who keeps trying to convince us that his 1990s Pizza Hut X-Men giveaways are worth a mint.

  • Thom H. says:

    If I recall correctly, your story has something to do with cat pee? Or I might be confusing it with a memory of working in a comic store many years ago, and a guy brought in comics covered in old cat pee. Or maybe lots of people have cat-pee covered comics? In any case, that’s my bid for some Cool Points.

  • Chris V says:

    I think that there are lots of examples of old comics covered in cat pee.
    I know of four examples of people having comics ruined by cat pee.

    The local comic store, their cat once peed on a bunch of their comics they were waiting to price.
    My cousin had a cat pee on his Iron Man collection when we were kids.
    My friend had his cat pee on most of his comics.
    A fly-by-night comic store around here actually bought a comic collection that was ruined by cat pee.

    My cat was far too civilized to ever urinate on my comics.

  • Michael Grabowski says:

    No cat pee stories here, but back in the mid-80s my uncle gave me a bunch of fair (or less) condition late 60s Marvel Annuals. One of them was X-Men Annual #1, published in 1970. I loved those comics and that gift, but they are long gone. He now insists that it was a mint condition X-Men #1 which he regrets having given to me.

  • Robcat says:

    I am actually more interested in the flip side. You ever find anything really valuable in what people thought was probably all junk?

  • Tenzil Kem, Esq. says:


    I’ve got a story for you. When I managed a comic store a few years back, I took a call from someone who had inherited comics from an uncle. He figured they were junk but wanted an “expert opinion” about them. It was a slow Monday, so I told him to bring them in. He brought in a plastic tub of about 100 comics. Now, these books were well read, some to the point of having their falling-off covers sewn back onto the books using twine at the spine through the book. But he had golden age Batman, Superman, Detective, etc. The highlight in my opinion was the golden age Green Lantern 1. Even in their rough condition, they fetched a quite decent amount (a little more than $10000 I was told) when they were sold to collectors.

  • Gregory Burgas says:

    I often think of Cool Points, but I don’t reference them too much. Well done.

  • MikeyWayne says:

    If you’re paying with Altoids, maybe those 90’s Pizza Hut X-Men giveaways are indeed worth a mint.