He’ll always be Doog Boog to me.

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As you may remember, I was a proud supporter of the Kickstarter for Steve Lafler’s Complete Dog Boy hardcover (which you can see here, along with the sketch inside). Well, that Lafler fella is looking to relaunch his Cat-Head Comics publishing concern with some new paperback collection. Check in at that link for multiple contribution levels, each with its own publication that you’d receive (including a softcover of the Complete Dog Boy), or, if you’re flush with extra coin of the realm, you can spring for the “Gimme Everything” level.

I’m an old fan of the output from Cat-Head, so I’m glad to see it (hopefully) coming back!

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Okay, planned to answer more questions, but your pal Mike has had a long day and I’m hitting the sack. And also going to bed. I’ll be back with more stuff next week. Thanks for reading, pals.

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