“Aieee! My head!”

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So a while back I contributed to Steve Lafler’s Kickstarter for Doggie Style: The Complete Dog Boy, a collection of, as you might have already guessed, Lafler’s Dog Boy comics. The original Cathead Comics series, the Fantagraphics series, his first appearance in Guts #3, even the later appearances in Buzzard, the whole shebang. Now, I already have most of this stuff, aside from the Guts and that Fantagraphics #9, but I had a hard time resisting the temptation of having it all under one cover, with an original sketch inside to boot, as one of the Kickstarter incentives.

Anyway, just yesterday, my hardcover copy of Doggie Style arrived in the mail:

…and right on the first page, the very first thing I saw when I cracked open the cover, is this full-page original drawing of ol’ Doog Boog lookin’ right at me:

It’s a goodly-sized volume at over 11 inches tall and about an inch thick. Covers are reproduced (in black and white), and the actual reproduction of the artwork is nice and clean. And, of course, the comics themselves are hilarious, and I look forward to reading them yet again in this handsome tome.

As I understand it, this book will be eventually distributed through some of the normal funnybook channels, but I am very happy to have had the chance to put my mitts on this thing as soon as it was available.

Here is Mr. Lafler’s official site, and here is the site for co2 Comics, the publisher of the book (and you can also find free online Dog Boy comics there as well).

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