Not what I was expecting.

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So if you follow me on the Tweeters (and why would you…er, wouldn’t you) you probably saw this entry where I point out a couple of comics of note that recently came into my possession. Namely, the original Avengers #1 and the original X-Men #1, soon to go up for sale!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have them around (as well as the second isues of both, also acquired)…it’s early superhero Marvel, about as “key” as a “key” book can get, and they’re not in…half-bad condition. But the thing is…I’ve had ’em before. I’ve seen plenty of copies of both of these over the years. Not saying I don’t appreciate them or having them around, but I always like it when I find something brand new to me…not necessarily rare or expensive, but something elusive. Something I’ve never seen in person before. Something like this Barbie and Ken comic from 1962, based on the toy doll line:

That’s issue #2 of the five-issue run from Dell. I’ve seen pictures of them, but have never actually held one in my hands. Far as I can tell, given the state of my still-healing eyes, it’s nicely illustrated, and Barbie has very much a “doll” look to her, natch:

Don’t know if there have ever been reprints of these on better paper at some point, but the art could use a better showcase than decaying old newsprint.

But still, amongst the ’60s war books and Superman issues and those early Marvels, it was certainly nice to discover this unexpected treasure.

I’ll say it was a surprise!

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