Yes, I’m taking questions again.

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Don’t be like Archie and his pals! I want you to (m)ask me some questions (or suggest a topic for a post) that I will discuss right here on Progressive Ruin Dot RU Dot Gov Backslash Flashindexframe Dot HTML, Optimized for Netscape. Not at all a tactic to cover the fact that I ran out of time for my planned follow-up post regarding The Mystery of he Black and White Swamp Thing Scans on DC Universe.

Try to make it comic book related, because that’s all I know about, and please just one question per customer, as I have but one eye as yet to look at them all. So, keeping that in mind, just pop your question or suggestion into the comments and I shall do my best to give you some kind of response! (And before ou ask…I’ll get back to that Swamp Thing stuff next time.)

Thanks, pals!

26 Responses to “Yes, I’m taking questions again.”

  • Roger Green says:

    If I were to watch all the MU movies in order which one(s) could I skip?

  • Paul Di Filippo says:

    How can you account for the virtual extinction of Welsh Rarebit and the lack of dreams derived from the consumption thereof?

  • ScienceGiant says:

    Has Superman ever brought up Lori Lemaris to Aquaman, or is he all now-I’m-just-somebody-that-you-used-to-know?

  • Chris says:

    While they always shuffle around the reasons depending on the era, I always wonder why a super smart race like the Kryptonians really whiffed at the whole exploration/colonization of the stars. Has there ever been a satisfactory reason/story as to why DC’s cosmic realm is so fraught with danger, despite space mall cops in every sector?

  • Dave says:

    I am lately having resurgence of love for work of John Byrne. Re-reading all his old stuff! So I’d be happy to read about what you think of Byrne’s stupendous output. Like what is favorite/least favorite, if you ever met him, anything about John Byrne really (except X-Men).

  • Matt M says:

    Hey Mike. Who should play Blue Devil in the inevitable TV show?

  • JohnJ says:

    I’m curious how many customers attempt to buy multiple variant covers of new books. Primarily just on the $3.99 books but also on the #1000s. I’m given the option and if there is an Adam Hughes or Frank Cho cover available instead of the main cover, I’ll pick that instead. There must have been a screw-up on a recent Superman cover since I thought I ordered Hughes and ended up with a Rob Liefeld variant! It left me to wonder if his art has finally improved or if the inker decided to only ink half the lines.

  • Kurt Onstad says:

    Whatever happened to the New Warriors TV show?

  • William Burns says:

    What non-Marvel/DC currently uncollected comic (book or strip)do you know you could sell the heck out of if they would only collect it?

  • Brad Walker says:

    I just re-read the origin of J’onn J’onzz. Was there ever an in-story reason why his fellow JLAers Superman and Green Lantern didn’t give him a lift back to Mars?

  • William Gatevackes says:

    What creators that never worked on Swamp Thing do you wish you could have seen do their version of the character?

  • philfromgermany says:

    Any characters or concepts you’d like to be given the DC/Kamandi Challenge treatment?

  • DolphusRaymond says:

    Between Doomsday Clock’s JLA/LSH simmer, the return of Wally West (and consequent “no twins” meltdowns), and the Zatanna “OMG Young Justice really existed what does it mean?!?” in the new Young Justice, do you see post-Crisis pre-New52 continuity making a comeback?
    Is this my generation’s “I miss Barry and Hal bring them back?”
    Will the comics world ever see more than 3 of the 52 multiverses published at the same time? (I count Main Continuity, Freedom Fighters Earth-X, and Shazam! …I don’t know if Bendis creates a pocket universe around his writing or not.)

  • Synonymous says:

    So why _was_ the “Mike’s Magical Comics Fort” name rejected?

  • Brian says:

    Is it true that Mike’s Magical Comics Fort actually does exist, except that it’s your secret fortress of solitude, with statues of Swamp Thing and Sluggo holding up a giant long box in the central hall?

  • De says:

    After crossover minis with Star Trek and Green Lantern, what’s the next natural mash-up with Planet of the Apes?

  • ExistentialMan says:

    What do you consider the single best year of comics publication in your lifetime?

  • What holds the Winter Soldier’s mask on his face?

    Am I correct that “Captain America and the Mighty Avengers” issue 9 was better than the entirety of “Avengers: Time Runs Out”?

    What dark and sinister medial moguls are thwarting the progress of the DREADSTAR film/TV franchise?

    Robbie Reyes “ghost rided” a dead Celestial. Could he “ghost rider” Galactus’s Taa II? Where would he go, what would he do?

    If I ever make it out to the West Coast, where would we go for lunch, dude?

  • GiantsinThoseDays says:

    Doomsday Clock posits the DC metaverae responds to changes in the Superman story (and I think Milk Wars said something similiat, which is why Superman couldn’t be subject to the retcon). What’s your most controversial opinion about Superman?

  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    You’ve mentioned Pogo before, and as a lover of old comic strips (Popeye, Prince Valiant, Peanuts, Annie, even, God help me, the reprint editions of the early Blondie & Dagwoods) I’ve long thought about trying Pogo out.

    But it’s a bit more intimidating than some of those others maybe, since I think there was some level of continuity and I believe also Pogo doubled as a commentary on the politics of the time.

    Is there a place you recommend somebody unfamiliar with the strip start? Is Vol. 1 of the Fantagraphics reprints a good place, or are the early strips only for completists? Is there a good cheaper collection if I’m not sure I’ll like the strip?

  • Gareth Wilson says:

    Robin Hood and King Arthur have been handled badly in recent movies, and some people have suggested that modern movie-makers have problems handling old public domain characters. Have comics done any better with these two characters? What about similar characters like Sherlock Holmes?

  • Casie says:

    I wish you made more comics. I remember that hilarious mini-comic you wrote called, ‘Things NOT to say to a comic book shop employee’. Anything new to add to that list with time and now being an owner of a fab shop?

  • Dave says:

    I have another question! Or rather request for post. What do you as retailer think about weekly books? I just picked up really nice run of just about every issue of ACTION COMICS WEEKLY back from the 80s and wonder if you had any thoughts about that book, the weekly concept (seems Busiek/Bagley book is largely forgotten) in general, as both a fan and a retailer.

  • Dave Carter says:

    Do you find that comic sales in your store eternally track with sales of the industry overall? Or are there some comics that are popular at Sterling Silver that barely make the Diamond charts (or vice versa)?

  • Come Clean says:

    Be honest now: what’s the biggest lie you ever told a customer with a straight face? Was it worth it to hold on to his/her business?