Featuring Norbert the Narcotics Bobby.

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So pictured above are four issues of The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. that I purchased from a gentleman at my store on Thursday. They’re not in very good shape…they’re intact, but they are very worn. I’ll generally buy most underground comix regardless of condition — well, within reason — just because undergrounds can be hard to come by, and I always have customers for them.

These particular Freak Bros. were of interest, though, as they were published in the United Kingdom…if you look closely, you can see the UK price on the covers, and maybe the Knockabout Books logo and/or text there. Sometimes the price was printed as part of the cover, and sometimes it was a small round sticker affixed directly over the original cover price, as was sometimes done in the U.S. Whether in this instance it’s covering a U.S. price or another UK price, I do not know. The copyright info on the inside covers also reflect their UK origins.

Wish now I’d taken more (and better!) pics of these items beyond just a representative image to throw on the Instagrams. But I still have ’em at the shop, should you like to drop in and inspect these items in person, hint hint. C’mon, it’s not that far of a drive, if you’re, y’know, on the same continent.

So there you go…my “weird thing that walked in the door” for the week. …Did I tell you about the weird thing from last week, this Li’l Abner comic with the amazing cover? Well, check out the pic of that, too, and that’s all I have of it now, beyond my fond memories, because that cover sells itself, and brother, it sold.

4 Responses to “Featuring Norbert the Narcotics Bobby.”

  • Turan, Emissary of the Fly World says:

    Was the one on the top printed in the UK? That heading “Brother, can you spare 75 cents” certainly makes it look like a US printing that acquired a UK price sticker.

    I had to spell out “cents” because, as I just now discovered, my keyboard does not have the appropriate symbol. I suppose the fact that I have only at this moment realized this proves that it is not really necessary.

  • Rich Handley says:

    Chester Williams read these comics!

  • Mikester says:

    Turan – it does have Knockabout Comics copyright info on the inside front cover, and a Knockabout ad inside the back cover, so this cover was specially printed for this edition…they just didn’t bother to change the blurb at the top. Which is a shame, because that would have been funny. However, that is a separate price sticker affixed in the corner there, so it may have had one British price put there at first, and then it was repriced later. Like I said, that wasn’t uncommon behavior frm publishers for U.S. undergrounds.

  • John says:

    Hey Turan, try Alt0162 ¢¢¢¢¢
    You know, for the two or three more times you may ever need it.