By Jove, more Jupiter comics!

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So I’ve written about Jason Sandberg’s Jupiter before, a wonderful black and white comic that ran in the 1990s and was alas too beautiful for this world, disappearing from the racks in too short of a time.

Here’s the good news: that Sandberg fella is bringing Jupiter back, in digital comics form!

Clicking that cover (or the sidebar ad, if you’re a person that still visits my website directly and also a person that still reads comic blogs, will whisk you away tp Comixology, where you can obtain issue #0. This collection is a compilation of several of the one-page gag strips and some of the longer features from that original series, giving you an idea of what to expect when new Jupiter material starts being released. Yes, that’s right, I said new, and it’s about darn time. I missed this comic and I’m so glad to have it back.

Anyway, here are some samples, including a couple of the one-pagers:

…and some excerpts from the longer stories:

NOTE: none of the Pelasgus stories (which I go on about at length in that older post of mine) are featured, though Pelasgus does make the occasional cameo in a couple of the strips. (Maybe a later collection, hmmmmm?)

Also, full disclosure: Jason and I became online pals quite a while back, and I’ve occasionally plugged his work here (and about which you can learn more at his site), and he’s sent me various print projects of his over the years to distribute at both my previous place of employment and my current one. He’s a good guy and I’m happy to promote his work. I’m especially happy to promote the return of Jupiter, which had been one of my favorites back in the ’90s, and sure to be one of my favorites of the ’10s and hopefully many years beyond.

2 Responses to “By Jove, more Jupiter comics!”

  • John says:

    This is awesome news as I am also a big fan of Jupiter. Alas, I eschew the digital comic format. Hopefully it may see print one day. I’d totally Kickstart the hell out of that. On a related note, the cover to #6 has been my wallpaper for about 15 years.

  • Casie says:

    Another gem you’ve introduced me to.
    Jason Sandberg is fantastic. I loved Jupiter and he wrote a science fiction alphabet book that you also showed me called S is for Someday that is so lovely and brilliant, it’s my favorite. And now Jason and I are also twitter friends who have become supportive of each others art…all thanks to you, Mike! Really cool. I’m a fan of both of you.