Please don’t tell me if “poggery” actually means something dirty.

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So reader John, the fella what related the horrifying yet strangely satisfying tale of the shredding and recycling of 14 long boxes of Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1, emailed recently to inform me of more bulk stashes of the ’90s funnybooks that came into his hands.

Specifically, he had several long boxes of ’90s comics, abandoned at a local storage facility, fall into his possession, multiple copies of each, all in Mylar sleeves, and all of the Usual Suspects when it comes to collections like this. Singled out by John was this photo he took of all his copies of Man of War #6 from Malibu Comics:

…specifically because he felt, as I am a man of poggery, I would appreciate the included pogs in each sealed factory-polybagged issue:

This was during the time of, of course, the Big Pog Invasion, but also during the time of Everyone Gets A Superhero Universe, including Malibu Comics which was doing this universe, with Man of War and the Ferret, while also doing the Ultraverse, with Prime and Firearm and so on. Did those two Malibu Universes ever cross over with each other? I imagine it would have been relative easy, being published by the same company an’ all, unless there’s some behind-the-scenes ownership stuff I don’t know about. Regardless, if they’d made it into the 2000s maybe that would have happened.

Anyway, there’s come collector excess for you, but at least they seem to have been kept in better shape than the comics in this tragedy. John said that the majority of the comics in this accumulation met a fate similar to the aforementioned Turok…well, not shredded in a spectacular fashion, but certainly disposed of, save for some Deadpools and a few other goodies that may actually be sellable. But here’s hoping that Man of War movie never comes to fruition, or I would weep openly on John’s behalf for such a lost lucrative opportunity.

9 Responses to “Please don’t tell me if “poggery” actually means something dirty.”

  • Turan, Emissary of the Fly World says:

    I remember an interview with someone from Malibu Comics who said of the Ferret, “He’s our version of Wolverine.” Not “He is a character in the same tradition as Wolverine,” or “If you like Wolverine we think you’ll like the Ferret.” No sugar-coating there. Just a blatant admission, “We imitated a popular character as closely as we could without committing copyright infringement.”

  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    Aren’t collections like these perfect fodder for some extra give-away goodies on FCBD? Or do people not even take them then?

    Just looking at your link to the old post about all the multiple copies–I might not buy an issue of Falcon #1 or Smurfs #1, but I’d probably pick them up off the FCBD table. Also, Phantom Zone was a pretty awesome series.

  • John says:

    oooh! – I feel all “internet famous” now. Let the endorsements begin!

  • MrJM says:

    The internet says it is it means “bragging” in Afrikaans.

    Could be worse.

    — MrJM

  • Adam Farrar says:

    I’ve no idea if The Ferret ever met Prime and the rest but he did show up in Malibu’s terrible, terrible Street Fighter comics. In the third (and unexpectedly final) issue. Apparently Malibu didn’t think an adapation of the biggest video game at the time could stand on its own without the fan-favorite The Ferret.

  • philip says:

    Pretty sure you could find a dirty meaning for it on Urban Dictionary. Or create one. I believe Urban Dictionary exists solely to make you feel bad about everything.

  • philip says:


    Heavens! Urban Dictionary has peered into my very soul. I take back everything I said. Well, okay, not everything. In fact not even most things. I guess I’ll allow this exception to my rule.

    Thank you?


  • Chris Gumprich says:

    Vaguely embarrassed to know this without checking, but the Protectors/Genesis universe did not ever crossover with the Ultraverse. I remember emailing with writer/editor Roland Mann around that time, asking him that same question, and he told me that Malibu didn’t really care about “Genesis” now that the Ultraverse was hitting it big. The line was dumped shortly thereafter.

    Oh, please, like I’m the only one with a complete run of THE FERRET.