And now, a blown-up detail from a comic book that’s coming out this week.

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From the Die Kitty Die Christmas Special by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz that’s out today, a close-up of a handful of titles on a comic rack:

That first one is Space something-or-other, which I thought was Force at first until, duh, I noticed there’s a rocket ship on the cover. That second one is The Bat, which can only be a parody of Spider-Man, I’m sure you’ll all agree. But that third one…that’s Capybara Girl, while being a clear take-off on Squirrel Girl, is totally a comic book I would read, given my life-ling appreciation of the world’s largest rodent.

I’ve written about Die Kitty Die before…Archie Comics artist Parent mixes a little satire of the comics industry with some very mild cheesecake and the occasional rude gag (like this issue’s pottymouthed Mrs. Claus) and a whole lot of silliness, all wrapped around the not-dead-yet title character, Kitty…who is also a witch, by the way. It’s cute and fun and despite appearances, not for kids…and it’s put the idea of “Capybara Girl” out into the wild, so it’s okay by me.

4 Responses to “And now, a blown-up detail from a comic book that’s coming out this week.”

  • ScienceGiant says:

    “it’s okay by me”

    So, you’re okay with the titles being out of alphabetical order on the shelves? I would have thought for comic shop employees that’s like a hidden stressor.

  • Mikester says:

    Maybe that first one is “Apace Comics,” with a stylized sideways “A.”


  • ScienceGiant says:

    “Apace” as in fast, or quickly? With a rocket ship on the cover? You know, I would totally pick that book up!

    And put it right back down if somehow it turned out that rocket was carrying the sole survivor of a doomed planet, except for whomever else an electromagnetic wizard zapped away at the last moment…