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I received a certain item in the mail this week…that item being the Blu-ray disc of the Suicide Squad movie from Netflix, which I never made it out to the theater for. Not sure when I’m going to make room in the schedule for it, what with Christmas looming in the very near future and me with shopping and wrapping to do still. (I haven’t even made it out to the new Star Wars movie, which makes the Ghost of 8-Year-Old Mike loom over me and shake his head in disapproval.) Anyway, I’ve been curious about the film, even though I’ve heard only generally negative things about it from other comic folks…but then again, I’m the Guy Who Liked Batman V Superman so maybe I’ll be more favorably inclined toward it. I will say that my initial reaction to trailers and stills is that it appears all dirty and grimy and sickly and yeccchh so the movie may have a struggle overcoming my visceral negative response to its looks.


Yes, I did watch the first episode of the new Justice League Action cartoon, and yes indeedy, it does contain the Swamp Thing/Plastic Man team-up the world has been clamoring for. Also featured: an all-ages appropriate John Constantine, who is more British than approximately 10 British men in, at least, this initial installment. There’s a story reason given for his particular style of dialogue, but I hope that’s how he’s portrayed consistently in the series because it’s hilarious…and probably can be read as a critique of how folks can kind of go overboard writing his dialogue in the comics.

Anyway, I had a hard time pulling a still of Swampy from any of the clips I saw online, so here’s a link to the trailer where the timestamp should take you directly to Swamp Thing getting clobbered by Solomon Grundy. Not his most dignified moment.


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  • William Burns says:


  • Skinslip says:

    I had no idea Justice League Action was a thing!!! I love the character designs! I love Solomon Grundy punching Swamp Thing in the swampy face. I love that Firestorm IS HILARIOUS. Suddenly so stoked.

  • Rich Handley says:

    IMET (Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology)

  • I knew of it, but thought it was a standalone animated movie, so I missed it, thinking I could watch it later.

    A SERIES?!
    Damn…I gotta get on the stick.

    Nice subtitles, Mike, reminds me of a HERO QUEST game I DMd aaaages ago, where the group enter a chamber and find some manner of puzzle with four letters, and depending on how they rolled, the words were:
    EVIL (someone got possessed & fought the others)

    VILE (a demon appeared to fight)

    LIVE (they live and can leave safely)

    or ILEV (a goblin enters, who gave them swag)

    Yeah…I know. But it was fun.

  • Rob March says:

    The Ghost of 8-Year-Old Mike?

    So, are you a doppelganger who killed the real Mike Sterling and is living out his dream? What kind of monster are you?

    Oh wait, I know the answer to that last question, it’s the rightmost image on the header.

  • ScienceGiant says:

    Eee! TMI! (wait, do the kids still say “TMI”?)

  • Daniel says:

    Re: Suicide Squad

    I loved (LOVED!) “Batman v Superman” (as well as “Man of Steel”) but I absolutely despised “Suicide Squad.” Literally one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. So a predisposition toward “BvS” does not automatically mean you will like “Suicide Squad.”

  • SKFK says:

    I thought the title was a reference to the last panel of this strip:

  • Andrew Davison says:

    I’m ET

    “Justice League Action” is a fun show.

  • BobH says:

    I just watched SUICIDE SQUAD yesterday (my viewing of these movies is “when I can get them for free from the library”). Without spoilers, it was pretty awful, but if you’ve seen the trailers and commercials for it, they were remarkably accurate to the actual film. It’s very much cut and scored more like a trailer than a movie. And some of the acting was off-the-charts bad. This almost made the impossible happen and make me long for some of that Zack Snyder magic…