The last ever “Al Gore Invented the Internet” joke.

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Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten your questions!

Hooper Triplett has me jumping through the following:

“What do you do with a creator like Paul Grist? Love his work, want to support it, but how can I not knowing if/when it will ever come out?”

Why, you hug him and you pet him and you sq…er, (cough) that is…. Yeah, What Do You Do? Well, I don’t know what Mr. Grist’s particular situation is, but in general, if you have a creator that you like and it seems as if that person’s output is not on a predictable schedule, I’d suggest looking for that person’s online presence, or for an official site, or a regularly updated fan site where someone else has done the work for you. In Grist’s case, he has a Twitter account, and there is what seems to be a thoroughly-done fan page. That’s the sort of thing that should keep you updated on your favorite comic person’s goings-on.

If the person doesn’t have an online presence, or at least not a reliable one, you can try asking your local comics emporium to use Diamond’s retailer site’s search function to see if any new material is pending. I should note that using the new search function just implemented there, where you can supposedly search on creators’ names, I found only one entry for Paul Grist in the entire past, present and future items database, and I know that’s not the case. But if you know specific titles, that should be easily hunted down there.

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jason has the cure for what ails me with

“Do you ever feel like the internet…for lack of a better word…’fetishizes’ key books? Does all the slabbing/ unboxing videos/ haul videos create an insatiable appetite for them?

“More succinctly, does social media drive people to hunt key issues?

“Do you get more knowledgeable fans looking for keys, or more everyday people with limited knowledge? Follow up question, would you ever pit one against the other in combat?”

To be fair, this was a thing even before The World’s Greatest Porn Delivery Service™ was invented by Al Gore, thanks to price guides and fanzines and the like. I know even in the early days of my retail experience, prior to the influence of online hoohar, I’d get people who’d walk into the shop and just ask “what Key Issues do you have?” and I’d be sorely tempted to pull out comics with this guy in them. Certainly social media, and eBay, helps, by even more quickly creating awareness of hot items and short supplies, but it’s just the latest tool with which collectors hunt down their specific treasures. I remember word getting around quickly enough in Ye Olden Times about how Thor #337 was a Hot Item, even without your Compuserves and your eWorlds.

As to knowledgeable fans vs. general folks looking for keys…I think it’s still a pretty even mix. I’ll get a different walk-in every couple of days who rattles off a list of the same books everyone’s looking for…Amazing Spider-Man #300, New Mutants #98, etc. Some even look a little surprised that I don’t have a huge stack of each book just sitting behind the counter waiting specifically for them to walk in. And there are the people looking for Iron Man #55, the first appearance of Thanos, who are shocked that anyone other than them are looking for it, much less that it’s been an in-demand book since the last time Thanos was hot back in the early ’90s.

I think if I could nail down a difference, it’s that the more investment-inclined collectors are looking for specific key issues, while the more general interest collectors just ask “let’s see your box of old Spider-Man” (or “let’s see your box of Silver Age”). As for making them fight, well, I won’t admit to making anyone carve their own chromium-cover shiv….

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  • David Oakes says:

    Funny, I was thinking just last week that I hadn’t seen a Paul Grist title in as long as it would take for three Paul Grist titles to set up shop, become fan favorites, and then fade in the wind with no chance of ever being finished.

  • Hooper Triplett says:

    David – that was the intent of my awkwardly phrased question. I want to support/pre-order Grist’s work but I can’t count on seeing it completed. I have limited time and resources and for serialized material I need some assurance that I’ll get enough of a story to make it worth the “investment.” Grist has proven unreliable making it tough to support his future work.

  • LouReedRichards says:

    I have a very charming little Iron Man wallet made from laminated comic book pages. It was a nice Christmas gift from my two burgeoning comic geek nieces two years ago. Unfortunately whoever the craftsperson was who made the wallet using pages from Iron Man #55 wasn’t aware that it might be one of those “key issues”.

    I tremble to think of all the wallets out there they probably made out of ASM #129 or Hulk #181…

  • ArghSims says:

    In Soviet Union, Internet invents Al Gore!

  • Thom H. says:

    @Hooper: I feel the same way except about Eric Shanower and Age of Bronze. I think it’s been 3 years since a new issue has been published. I was actually thinking of emailing him directly to see if he is planning to release more issues. Maybe the same direct approach would work with Mr. Grist?

    Hearing “no, I don’t plan to finish that” might be disappointing, but at least it puts an end to the suspense. And hearing it from the horse’s mouth means you don’t have to wonder if something got lost in translation. Anyway, just a thought.

  • Randal says:

    Ok, can you work on finding out about Larry Marder and Beanworld now?

  • I don’t know how you feel about Facebook, but Grist is usually always active there. I’ve seen updates recently. His current thing is Demon Nic, which is being serialized in the U.K. in one of their anthologies but there’s no definite word about the US yet, at least any I’ve seen.

    I will wait for new Kane like Seymour waited for Ash to return.

  • FRY, not Ash. Sheesh.

  • David Oakes says:

    Now I want a Futurama/Evil Dead crossover extravaganza.

    (Or maybe, just maybe, ED/LSOH…)

    (Yes, I abbreviated that correctly.)

    (Great. Now I want a LOSH/LSOH crossover. Technically both DC Comics…)

  • Snark Shark says:

    Since we’re on the subject:

    Is WITCH DOCTOR coming back? Is VIKING (no relation to the TV show) coming back?