That Bill Murray didn’t reprise his role as the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four radio show is our greatest shame.

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I wanted to thank you folks for helping out Fred with his GoFundMe campaign…especially one of you who made an especially generous contribution. Most kind of all of you. If anyone still has a spare dollar or two to pass his way, please do so if you can.

In other news…perhaps you’ve heard that the San Diego Comic Con is goin’ on at the moment. You know, that place where half the folks are all “gah, it’s not about comics any more!” and the other half are all “man, too many new comic book series are being announced!” and the other, other half are dressed as, I don’t know, “Steampunk Firefly” or something. But the one thing I was worried about was that, given my store’s relative proximity to the proceedings, I was wondering if business was going to take a hit this week. Sometimes at the previous place of employment things would take a little dip from the regulars who headed to the show, but then we’d have folks traveling through town on their way to the ‘con who would stop by and do a little shopping, and that would make up for it.

So far, I’m doing okay…in fact, business is up a little over previous weeks, so maybe I worried about nothing. And I say “maybe” because I still have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ahead. Let’s see how things go…but just in case, do you want to look at my eBay auctions, perhaps?

I’ve been keeping tabs on some of the stuff that’s going on down there, and yeah, there’s the typical Batman movie news, and a whole bunch of Vertigo titles headed our way, and, um, Bill Murray, apparently, but the only news worth reading is, of course, Jim Starlin doing a new Dreadstar comic. No publisher as yet, but with the possibility of a TV show, hopefully it won’t be too difficult to find someone to handle it.

I have been asked quite a bit if I was heading down to San Diego myself, and sadly, that’s not going to happen this year either. Previous years the Comic Con always seemed to come at a time that was inconvenient for me to go, and this year is no different…particularly if I’m there, no one will be at the shop to run it, and your pal Mike makes no coin of the realm in the process. Maybe next year, if I can find a sucker employee by then, I’ll make the trip. I’d better get my Slave Leia costume ready, just in case.

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