Or maybe I should just move the whole thing to Tumblr.

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Johanna’s long-running site Comics Worth Reading recently had some behind-the-scenes tech trouble, resulting in a corrupted database and years of lost posts. She’s going through and restoring some of the older reviews as she’s able to extract them, but…man, talk about a nightmare. My most empathetic thoughts are sent her way as she deals with this problem.

While this can be a drag, suddenly losing all that work built up over a decade or more, on the other hand I can see where it can almost be…liberating, in a sense. A lot of my posts, once you go back far enough, are so link-rotted or just generally awful that I’d almost prefer you didn’t go back and just read each and every post I’d made. There are lots of links to Haloscan comments that all went away went Haloscan vanished. There are interlinks between my posts that go to the old Blogger version of my site, which I still maintain copies of on my server just to that any old outside links to those old versions of my posts won’t be dead ones. Basically that means for entries from 2003 ’til whenever it was I switched over to WordPress — in 2010 or so — there are effectively two versions of my site here (though I’ve blocked the old Blogger pages from indexing, which should reduce any Googling confusion). Anyway, it’s a mess.

I’ve said before I’d almost want to start a Progressive Ruin 3.0 (2.0 being this site, 1.0 being the site I talk about in my first anniversary post), where I could just begin completely anew, and leave this site as a frozen archive for what has gone before. Or, I could bring over all the best posts from this site, leaving behind the worst ones, and retool the posts slightly so that they are less dependent on off-site links.

But that sounds like a mess, too. What I have been doing, on and off over the years, is that if I link to an older pre-Wordpress post in a newer post, I’ll go back and fiddle with that old post so dead links are either removed or noted as such, or any in-site links are corrected to the modern WordPress site rather than the archived Blogger pages. I haven’t been consistent about it (like in that first anniversary post I just linked to), but at least I try. At the very least I keep checking my first post to make sure it goes where I want it to go.

Ultimately, if I plan on keeping this site around for a while, I’m probably just going to have to bite the bullet and fix each post individually…or somehow program something into the site so that if you access a page here older than, say, 2010, something pops up that says “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” or, you know, something similar.

Anyway, again, my sympathies to Johanna, mixed with a little “there but for the grace of God.” Should probably look into backing up my WordPress database.

In other news:

3 Responses to “Or maybe I should just move the whole thing to Tumblr.”

  • CalvinPitt says:

    That really stinks for Johanna, but I’m glad she at least has some idea how to save some of them.

    I’m still on Blogger, but a couple years ago, I went back and saved a copy of all my posts, and so I have copies on a flash drive, but also on a computer. So if the blog gets eaten, or Google decides to drop Blogger, I could put up all the old posts again on a new site (though I have no idea how long that would take). I’m pretty sure there are some I wouldn’t repost, because they were rushed, or just bad ideas. There’s a fair amount of angry stupidity in the first couple of years.

  • Casey says:

    Very sorry for Johanna, I love her site. Hope everything gets fixed soon.

    That Pariah post is actually one of my favorites. Speculation about character traits we take for granted are of special interest to me. Besides, there’s a certain magic to the way you talk about comics, regardless of the substance.

  • Bully says:

    Thanks for the link, Mike!

    Part of the reason I’ve resisted the move to WordPress for my blog is all the horror stories about it. Calvin is right, Blogger at least makes it fairly easy to make a big database back-up of your posts. But as I’m getting close to the tenth anniversary of my blog (wait, I’m only six!) I keep thinking I should do something to make it more visually interesting…s well as trying to get back to a schedule of actually writing posts!