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  • Ordering for DC’s Convergence event is a problem, in that I’m being asked to place numbers on what will essentially be a few dozen out-of-continuity short-run mini-series that will either 1) attract a lot of fans interested in new stories featuring pre-New 52 versions (or approximations thereof) of their favorite characters, or 2) will be skipped entirely by folks more interested in following current continuity rather than flashing back to what’s gone before. (Or, of course, 3) used as jumping-off points for readers looking for good stopping points.)

    The solution, of course, is to order in conservative excess. I’ll put my smallest giant to work on it right away.

  • Marvel’s Star Wars franchise kicked off to huge success, as I’m sure everyone noticed, as that first Star Wars #1 blew off comic shop shelves and into second and third printings. The success of that initial first issue was early enough for retailers to adjust orders on the then-forthcoming Darth Vader #1 accordingly, so as a result there are plenty of those to be had everywhere, most likely. But I’m already seeing the sales normalizing on these…that Star Wars #1 sold largely on its “historical” value as the first Marvel Star Wars comic in a couple of decades. There’s already a large drop-off on the second issue, and Darth #1 didn’t see the same sort of rack sales either. Plus, I’ve already sensed some resistance to the forthcoming Princess Leia series, whether it’s because “a third series?” or just disinterest in the character.

    Now, I’m not saying any of these post-Star Wars #1 releases are tanking…they’re all selling great, just not at the levels of that initial release, but there are always dropoffs after debuts. So long as they don’t sink down to the levels of Dark Horse’s run in its latter years, which shouldn’t happen if they can avoid oversaturation of the market. But then, it’s Marvel…they’re the House of Oversaturation.

  • The announcement from Oni Press that they’ll be publishing an Invader Zim series, based on the cartoon by the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac creator Jhonen Vasquez, is welcome, but to my mind about a decade too late. Back when I could still get, rack and sell JTHM comics on a continual basis (as well as similar titles like Lenore), one of the things I was regularly asked for was an Invader Zim comic, based on the then still-running (or at least still existing in recent memory) television series.

    Now, years later, long after the demand (and reliable availability) for those comics has dwindled, and requests for Invader Zim comics have died away, now comes the Zim comic. I feel like this will be aimed at nostalgic adults like a number of other decade-old cartoon properties on the comic shelves, but after a brief discussion (read: rant) on the Twitter about this, some of my few remaining Twitter friends informed me that they still see kids wearing Zim shirts and that perhaps there’s access to the cartoons via various streaming services, so maybe kids are still aware of the property.

    I mean, I hope so. I want an Invader Zim comic to do well. I want every comic to do well. I like making money. Just…well, just wish the timing was better.

    I am reminded of my long-ago times in comics retail, back when I was a young Mikester and my hair was naturally this color instead of being chemically enhanced, when we had customers clamoring for Simpsons comics. Every day, “where are the Simpsons comics?” “where are the Simpsons comics?” This when on for like a year or so, and then the demands dried up.

    And then a Simpsons comic was announced. “Oh, great,” I thought. “Where were you a year ago? It’s too late now…nobody’s looking for Simpsons comics anymore.”

    Turns out I may have been incorrect about that. Maybe I’ll be incorrect about the timeliness of the Invader Zim comic, too.

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  • On the subject of comics that come out seemingly well after their expected shelf-life, how do the Marvel movie adaptation comics fare?

    It always strikes me as odd that recently, Marvel takes a few years to do proper comic adaptations on their own movies.
    Is it that they don’t want to dilute the actual film/dvd/bluray/digital/brainscan sales of the movie before they give the “Cliff’s Notes” paper version to the masses?

    It can’t be that they aren’t well prepared about the movie beforehand.

    But I always ponder how well they sell.

    On a wistful note, I remember buying multiple movie adaptation comics back in the day. Be it the giant treasury editions of Close Encounters or mini series of Raiders of the Lost Arc, Blade Runner and others (Heck, I even bought the two-issue adaptation of ANNIE because these things were being cranked out in close succession).

    I think the last movie adaptation comic that I bought may have been for the first two Michael Keaton BATMAN films. The first was because of Gerry Ordway’s artwork made it impossible NOT to do so (Heck, Ordway got me to buy SUPERMAN comics…and I do not like Superman) . The second one was because in my opinion, it was a better Batman movie.

    So, what say you Mike?
    What’s up with these things?

  • G23 says:

    Been to a Hot Topic lately? They’re STILL selling Invader Zim merch over there. Still!

    Zim was a great show that has truly aged well. Still plenty of love for Zim & Gir. I think that the new book should sell just fine for you, sir.

  • philip says:

    Now I’m picturing Mike going into a Hot Topic and twirling around a couple of times before passing out and having to be carried out by paramedics. Or maybe I’m the only one who reacts to Hot Topic thus.

  • Snark Shark says:

    “the first two Michael Keaton BATMAN films. The first was because of Gerry Ordway’s artwork”

    That WAS good art. WILDSTAR was even better!

  • Snark Shark says:

    ” But then, it’s Marvel…they’re the House of Oversaturation.”

    Just watch them give han solo/Leia’s kids their own series!

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