Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

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So reader Allan said in response to Monday’s post “hey, how ’bout a link to your comic shop’s website in your sidebar or somethin’, dummy,” which, okay, he was too nice to say it like that, but I would have completely deserved it, especially since it’s how I felt after I read his comment because Allan is totally 100% correct. And thus, there it is, glaring at you from the right side of my website, that very link, gazing into your very soul, overwhelming you, yes, you with guilt that you haven’t bought that Walking Dead #1 from my eBay listings yet.

Also, my storefront sign was installed Tuesday morning…in fact, it was installed before I showed up that morning, and I’d walked in and out the front of the store two or three times before I even bothered to look up and see it was there! But here it is, in all its glory:

That’s a photo I look late Wednesday afternoon. Tuesday I took a picture for Facebook as soon as I realized its presence, but it was close to noon at that point, with the sun shining behind it thusly:


Anyway, I still really like that logo. Everyone thank Benjamin Birdie for his great job on it.

Speaking of the Facebook, my Aunt Dee even reviewed my store there, though I’m not sure this counts as a review. Nonetheless, I believe it to be entirely objective and unbiased. No problems with ethics in comics journalism here!

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