The most incredible thing about this post is that I actually used Facebook for something.

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I’m entering the home stretch in the “opening a comic book store of my very own” process…hopefully next week, depending on how the custom shelving I’m having built turns out. Otherwise, all the new comics will just be dumped into an inflatable pool in the middle of the floor and y’all will just have to dive in for the funnybooks you want.

But things are going well…I’ve got my business cards, the store’s sign should be installed within the next day or two (after getting a wee bit of city hall runaround trying to get the permits properly filed…seems I’ve heard an expression somewhere about the futility of city halls and the fighting thereof), and I’ve been pricing comics like a crazy person. I mean, literally like a crazy person: I’ve been at it almost non-stop to the point where I’m just scrawling indecipherable glyphs on the price stickers. (“What’s the price on this comic?” “‘Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.'” “Um, okay…how’d you fit that on the sticker, anyway?”)

I keep getting asked “am I nervous?” and I suspect I probably am, though for the moment it’s buried beneath my desire to get fixtures installed and comics priced and stuff ordered and so on and so forth. It probably won’t be until the morning of the first day, when everything is more or less in place and all I need to do is unlock the door and let in the (hopefully) massive hordes, that the real worry of “boy, I sure hope people will shop here” will finally get its clutches around what’s left of my heart.

Well, we’ll see soon enough. In the meantime…more fixture building, more comic pricing, and, oh, yeah, should probably teach myself how to use this new cash register at some point, too.

11 Responses to “The most incredible thing about this post is that I actually used Facebook for something.”

  • dunno if you’ve thought of this, but in this region, (connecticut) no one knows comic shops exist.(quite disappointing) no one advertises. not in the regular papers, not the free papers, nothing. aside from various web things, how are getting people to even know you’re there?

  • Adam says:

    Love the new site tagline.

  • G23 says:

    Not using an iPad as a cash register?

  • ART says:

    Way to go Mike!! Yay!

  • D. Latta says:

    Sterling Silver Comics will, no doubt, use a 1980s era IBM cash register. Once the centerpiece of a GAP in Century City, this tried-and-true piece of equipment was purchased by Mister Sterling at a police auction, the multiple homicide it had been evidence of having finally been solved after decades without any leads, the souls of its victims finally laid to rest.

  • Sarah says:

    Good luck, Mike!

  • Former Employee Nathan says:

    Having been party to a sort of “arrested in process” version of what you’re doing (we sort of had to put the store together as we went, while being open for business) I have a lot of sympathy for the hurdles you’ve cleared and are clearing. For what that’s worth.

    Also, I cannot wait to visit home again so I can shop at your store. Very few things give me cause to state the first half of that sentence.

    You’re store is going to be fantastic, because you’re one of the best. Can’t wait to see it!

  • As what you are now doing has long been a wistful desire of mine (opening a comic shoppe. not summoning Cthulhu via lack-of-sleep-induced scrawling)… I wish you only the best!

    T’would that I were able to visit (Cali is a bit of a hike from my NY/PA work/home commute) or else I’d be a regular.

    If for nothing else – and this is also why you WILL succeed and have a throng ready-to-bursting through your door opening day – you seem to be a most genuine and friendly man (and all around comicbook go-to-guy).

    Sterling is your name.
    Sterling is your reputation.


  • Tom Cherry says:

    Good luck, Mike! I wish you much success!

  • Allan Hoffman says:

    I understand you’re busy preparing for opening and you may have forgotten but it would be good if you put a link to your new store website somewhere at the top of the main page here and at pogressiveruin.

  • Mikester says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    The Meaner Geek – I’m doing a little advertising here and there…and being located next door to a very popular restaurant helps a lot, too!