So anyway, I’m seemingly having some site problems.

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1. I’ve had reports from folks using the Silk browser on the Kindle that they can’t access my site, receiving a “script not responding” message. (I’ve also had a message or two from folks who say they can bring up my site in Silk just fine.) Have any of you Kindle users had trouble accessing my site? I mean, I suppose if you only have a Kindle for web access, you’ll not see this message, but if you happen to also happen to have a Kindle in addition to whatever magical computo-box you use to look at my ramblings, please let me know.

1a. Alan tells me that searching for my site with the Kindle’s Duck Duck Go app seems to be a workaround, if that helps.

2. I also hear tell that Safari on a laptop also brought up some glitches recently. The only change I’ve made was installing a WordPress plug-in that would streamline the mobile access to my site, which shouldn’t affect Safari browsing, but who knows. Anyone else have recent trouble with my site via laptop browsing?

3. I’ve also once again heard about pop-up ads turning up on my site. Last time this happened, the culprit was adware/malicious plug-ins/etc. on users’ computers, not my site, so I’m hoping that’s the case this time. Well, “hoping” makes me sound like a jerk…I’m not really hoping you guys have viruses on your computers, but as far as I know and can tell, I shouldn’t have any pop-up anythings on my site here. If you see any, let know in as much detail as you can manage (like what they’re advertising, and if there are any “ad supplied by [x]” notations somewhere in the window).

I have multiple computers and phones and even a Nook, at home and at work, with various operating systems and browser types. I have about five different browsers on my personal desktop computer alone. I have never been able to duplicate any of the problems that have been reported to me, which makes me dependent on you folks to let me know when something seemingly goes haywire. Last night, I spent a lot of time bugging Twitter pals about this, including a couple of comic pros who probably could’ve been writing/drawing stuff rather than helping me debug my dumb webpage.

Now, it’s not like my site is cleanly-scripted pure HTML5 poetry. There are a couple of security plug-ins installed, this particular WordPress theme I’m using seems to have vanished from the Internet entirely so it hasn’t been updated in a while, and, well, those Amazon ads in the sidebar which everyone should use and click hint hint shouldn’t be doing anything to my site, and plus I’m secretly installing cookies on every visitor’s computer that will redirect Google image searches to pictures of Swamp Thing and Sluggo, but most of these things don’t seem to cause any access problems as far as I can tell.

The absolute last resort is refurbishing the entire site, getting a new WordPress theme, dropping all the sidebar plug-ins…well, no, the really absolute last resort would be restarting completely from scratch, burning down the old and setting up Progressive Ruin 2.0 (well, 3.0, actually) on the ashes, but nobody wants that. Well, I don’t want that, anyway…some people out there would be glad to see all this nonsense go up in flames. But I’m not ready to give up, and hopefully I can work out whatever quirks exist so that I can still talk to you all about comics without worrying whether or not anyone can see what I’m saying.

11 Responses to “So anyway, I’m seemingly having some site problems.”

  • Nik says:

    Well, your site looks fine on all my variou Safaris and iPads and Tardises and such… I have to admit I’m often reading it through an RSS reader like Feedly these days too but it also looks good there…. It’s all THEIR FAULT. OTHER PEOPLE’S FAULT!

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    As an IT professional I concur: it’s their computers, not your site. Go watch the FORBIDDEN PLANET extras!

  • snell says:

    The site came up flawlessly (with no pop-ups) on my Kindle Fire, using both the Silk browser and Firefox.

  • Rich Handley says:

    Plus, Netscape isn’t working.

    (That’s a joke.)

  • swamp mark says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. thanks to my wife, I don’t need to. she keeps the computer running. ignorance is bliss.

  • D. Latta says:

    Some bloggers just wanna watch the web burn…

  • C. Elam says:

    As I said last night, it wouldn’t SURPRISE me if it had been on my end (being the one who reported the interstitial ads in the first place), but I wouldn’t have expected it to only affect your site. But since you said the video pop-up acted the same way, I would presume there is spyware that plays off something in your site. Which isn’t your fault, of course!

    Anyway, after I said something, I couldn’t even duplicate the event myself – which makes *me* feel like a jerk for distracting you from the other issues. And of course, Forbidden Planet. I hope all of those site issues get sorted out!

  • Bully says:

    I’ve noticed that if you’re not bang up to date on the Mac OS System (which is, I think, OSX 10.999-recurring, “Sabretooth Tiger,” that it does have problems with some sites.

    I’m running an older Mac OS system which chokes on Tumblr when I use Safari every time, so it may be that.

  • Kevin Lighton says:

    I haven’t noticed any problems with my rather out-of-date MacOS (10.6.8) and Safari (5.1.7).

  • No problems here and loving the weird ads you have. Tiny Skeletons? Okay!

  • Boosterrific says:

    Re: interstitial ads. Mike, just so you are aware, I’ve gotten them twice visiting via Chrome (Win7) in the past week, but on no other site. The redirect has both times taken me to and NOT LET ME LEAVE. (It feels so very… 1998.)

    A virus scan reveals nothing, but a little Googling suggests this may be a Javascript hijack performed by some remotely loaded advertisement script. I’ve downloaded the Ad-Block plug-in for Chrome, and I’ll see if that solves my problem.