In which Mike is old.

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So for some reason, instead of wanting to write new content for this here site, I spent an awful lot of my allotted late Sunday evening comics blogging time looking at some old posts of mine, and old posts from a friend’s site from a number of years back, the heyday of “let’s everyone get in on this comics-blogging thing” activity. Don’t know why I was feeling this weird sort of nostalgia for that particular era, where folks (including me!) were a little more earnest and angry and some of us bumped heads over things for no real good reason (and I don’t even remember who or what this was about at this late date).

I posted a links to a couple of old things I wrote on my Twitter account last night as I found them, and even reblogged some old Photoshopped thing of mine onto my hardly-used Tumblr, but…yeah, sorry, I just don’t have real content today. Just had an evening of thinking back to the way things used to be, the interactions I used to have with the other comics bloggers, and so on. This isn’t a “COMICS BLOGGING IS DEAD” post…it’s “COMICS BLOGGING IS DIFFERENT” what with your Tumblrs and Twitterers and I’m just feeling old, don’t mind me.

I really need to get back into regularly looking at the ol’ Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron (and it’s nice that the person running that site remembers that I was the one who came up with that name for the original comics weblog update lister) and see what new names are out there. I’ve been fairly insular, just doing my own thing here and not doing a whole lot of looking around beyond friends’ sites and whatever linking trackbacks I happen to spot in my referrals.

Plus, we had an enormously busy weekend at the shop, so I’m a little fried from that. The only unusual comic-related thing I did this weekend was that I finally got around to straightening up our poster racks, since apparently someone took all the rolled posters out of their proper slots and just shoved them back in there randomly and that was terrible. And I got it all rearranged just in time for our friendly Traveling Poster Salesman to pop on by the shop and offer his wares, and I was totally prepared for him. See, how exciting is that story?

Thus, no post today. Well, aside from all that you just read. Or skimmed, which I wouldn’t blame you for.

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REMINDER: As noted a couple of days ago, pal Mark (cocreator of Fake AP Stylebook) and his wife can use a little financial help due to health issues and loss of work. Thanks to your generosity, they are way past their goal, but the fund drive continues for a few more days and getting that much more of a cash buffer would be of great help to them. If you have a couple of spare bucks, please consider donating. Thank you very much.

4 Responses to “In which Mike is old.”

  • Had to look up that ‘things I hate about comics’ list. That’s certainly one misguided angry nerd, from the angry nerd heyday.

    Mike, how do Conan comics sell at your shop? That might be a weird thing to wonder about but I’ve been re-purchasing old Marvel Conan’s I used to own, as well as getting the new Dark Horse stuff. I like a lot of it, and I liked the recent “…and the People of the Dark Circle” Conan miniseries a lot. Seems like Conan will be one of the more popular franchises Dark Horse has the rights to, once Star Wars is out of their hands. Do Conan comics sell well?

  • RDaggle says:

    yes, ‘salmon’ does bring out the art.

    It also brings out the bears.

  • Bill D. says:

    I was thinking about this recently, too. There used to be a lot more interaction between the various comics bloggers out there, even loosely-connected groupings like your ACAPCBOVCAOE;!JK (or whatever that acronym was) and the East Coast Bloggaz and such, and over time it all just kinda dropped away, either as people’s blogs led the way into other projects, the comics bloggyverse took a backseat to other parts of life and they went part time, or they dropped out of blogging altogether.

    I kinda miss those good ol’ days of, say, 2004-2007, but none of us are getting any younger and life has a habit of getting in the way of talking about funnybooks to people on the computer.

  • Thanks for the reminder on the Update-A-Tron site. I’m the one that runs it, but I hadn’t looked at it in a while (I actually didn’t use it much, since I had the same feeds in Google Reader which let me manage them better). It stopped letting me add new items quite a while ago, and then I just sort of assumed it would die with Google Reader. Just checked, and not only didn’t it die, but it it’s allowing me to add feeds to it again. Added a handful I found by searching around, I’ll have to see what else is new out there.