The End of Civilization will have to wait ’til tomorrow…

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…as I have been too short on time in the last couple of days to give it the proper attention it deserves. It will be up Friday, I’m reasonably certain.

In the meantime, a few clarifications:

  • It sort of dawned on me that perhaps I wasn’t clear about the origins of that “Mike Sterling is a jerk!” image that Bully, the Little Photoshopping Bull, made for me and I linked to at the end of this post. It was created in response to this Twitter post of mine in which I quote Employee Aaron expressing his opinion of me, based of course on the famous X-Men comic splash page. So, to be very clear, Bully does not actually think I’m a jerk, nor did I ever think he did. I know he was just teasing!

    However, Bully does think Professor X is a jerk, and for good reason!

  • For this post, my example of Power Pack #27 was used almost entirely at random. In fact, as I was writing the post, it was originally New Warriors #27, until I decided to write a little something about New Warriors #1 at the end. I thought “well, that’s two mentions of New Warriors in one post, clearly that violates some sort of zoning law” and Power Pack was the first thing to pop into my head to replace it. So, I wasn’t really making any kind of specific point about Power Pack #27, just a general one about guide-pricing versus real world sales potential.

    However, in response to my mention, this nice person (who also says a few much-appreciated kind words about my goofy site) takes a more in-depth look at the comic in question.

  • MrJM was only kidding with the “Thanks, Obama!” comment. Honest!
  • A few of you have noted that Howard the Duck #1 was a comic that was once red hot and inflated in value, due to its 1970s popularity, and remained fairly pricy up until a certain movie of some note was released. I wish I’d remembered to dig up some of the old guides while I was at the shop to double-check pricing, but in general I do recall a sudden dip in demand and value on the comic. Exactly how much, monetarily speaking, I am not sure, but yeah, it certainly happened. In recent years prices have been creeping back up, partially because those comics are sort of crawling out from under the shadow of the film and regaining some critical appreciation again, and partially because it’s a noteworthy series that’s approaching its 40th birthday and it’s getting more difficult to find high-grade copies.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. I’ll bring a proper end to civilization tomorrow, I (mostly) promise!

7 Responses to “The End of Civilization will have to wait ’til tomorrow…”

  • Jason Kimble says:

    “this nice person,” gave me a chuckle, even if I was only inferring the “don’t anger the interwebs” in it. I promise there’s no need to use the protective oven mitts to guard against bites from the Rabid Power Pack fan. :) Though, hey, since I’ve been more or less blogging in the dark since I picked it back up again after so long, a big thanks for the link!

    Seriously, Power Pack’s always a good example of stuff that doesn’t sell, so I didn’t think you were indulging any kind of vendetta against Louise Simonson or kid super-heroes or anything. It just happened to jog my memory on what I really do remember as a tear-jerky scene from my youth, and I thought that was as good a jump off point to indulge myself as any other.

    Also, I got to make a pun title involving “ruin,” because the world doesn’t have enough puns to satisfy my evil love of them.

  • Snark Shark says:

    “However, Bully does think Professor X is a jerk, and for good reason!”

    for MULTIPLE reasons!

    “Howard the Duck #1 was a comic that was once red hot and inflated in value”

    also the KISS app. several issues later!

  • Oh, DAMN YOU, Mikester!
    That link to EARWOLF… I didn’t know that was a thing.

    Now, I’ll be surfing that site forever.
    That will be my background listening for every day until I die.


  • Hey, Mike. I’m not that familiar with memes, as I’m not on the ubernet that often. To be honest, where I live, all I hear are random outbursts from people at bus stops.

    Apologies to the poster above me yesterday, MrJM. Feel free to create a meme about me. –Wayne

  • MrJM says:


    Your apology is appreciated but unnecessary — When a joke relies on me behaving like a kook, I can’t get bent if people mistake* me for a kook.

    — MrJM

    *Yeah, sure… “mistake”.

  • Yeah, but still. Trust me, I’m the kook. Unless you can top my love for The Red Bee as Dc/Quality’s greatest character ever.

  • MrJM says:

    You’ve made an alarmingly solid case, Wayne.

    — MrJM