Hey. Free Comic Book Day. It’s tomorrow.

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…In case you needed reminding. Also, pal Dorian runs down the FCBD books for this year.

In other news:

  • A not-exactly-safe-for-work ad popped up in my Project Wonderful sidebar spot yesterday. My settings are supposed to disallow ads of an au naturel nature from appearing there, but sometimes they get through. My apologies to anyone fired from their job after looking at my site on Thursday.
  • For those of you who don’t look at my site directly and thus avoided all that sinnin’, I’m guessing you’re probably using some kind of RSS reader to enjoy my nonsense here. Well, the big feed reader, Google Reader, is about to go away, as I’m sure you’ve heard. I’m using Feedly right now, and for my purposes that seems to be a suitable replacement. However, if you folks out there are using other readers, please send me their URLs (or just post ’em in the comments) so I can allow them access to my images.
  • Back to you folks who read my site directly…I’ve noticed some extra lag on page loading times here of late, and I know there’s a huge amount of brute force attacks attempting to get access to WordPress sites (like my own). I have a plug-in on the site that locks out IP addresses after a certain number of failed log-in attempts, and I seem to get an email telling me about yet another blocked IP every half hour or so. I don’t know if these excessive attacks are slowing down the site, or if my webhoster is doing something to block these attacks which in turn is slowing down my site, but something’s going on and I hope you all have patience while this is straightened out.

    In the meantime…c’mon, China and Luxembourg, lay off my log-in page!

6 Responses to “Hey. Free Comic Book Day. It’s tomorrow.”

  • ExistentialMan says:

    I was fired from my job yesterday for looking at those pictures of Ethyl.

    I can’t help myself, I DO trust her.

  • Darren says:

    In light of the Google Reader announcement, I switched to Fever, a self hosted RSS reader, and wish I had done so a long time ago. http://www.feedafever.com

  • philip says:

    No lag here. But it seems not so long ago that my dial-up connection crashed if I tried to view an image online so I might be more patient than some.

  • LondonKdS says:

    The Old Reader also uses yeoldereader.com

  • Adam says:

    After reading so much here about how FCBD works at your store, I was all excited to get out for my first FCBD only to discover that my local store(s, since it’s a chain) have a policy of 2 per customer, +1 for every ten bucks you spend. So. Forget that mess.

    I went to an off brand store where they had a take what you want bonanza right out front, so then I went inside and blew the money I’d budgeted myself for graphic novels to celebrate FCBD. Rewards for the generous and all that. Even better, these guys had a bunch of Marvel graphic novels that were crazily slashed, so for $100 I walked away with the X-Statix Omnibus and the Kirby Fantastic Four Omnibus and some Thor stuff.

    Happy FCBD to everyone!