Sorry for the extended outage.

§ March 23rd, 2013 § Filed under sick day § 5 Comments

I’ve been ill, and spending my evenings either resting or Netflix-binging on season one of Once Upon A Time.

I’ll be back on Monday…unless of course I decide to get Once Upon A Time season two from iTunes.

5 Responses to “Sorry for the extended outage.”

  • Robert in New Orleans says:

    Feel better soon.

    Hoping you’ll mention Batman 66 when you get back…

  • ExistentialMan says:

    Been wanting to check out OUAT and I’d sure enjoy a one-sentence, Nyquil-induced, feverish Sterling review comparing the first season to Fables.

    Hope you don’t have anything that requires leeching.

  • DanielT says:

    I totally read that as One Day at a Time.

  • Acelister says:

    You will. If there’s an emotion in your body, you will watch season two.

  • MRPRSN says:

    I am passing my convalescence with a stack of Peter David’s New Frontier Star Trek novels. I’ll be moving on to Netflix at some point though as I hear it takes a while for a broken femur to heal.