So I got my hands…

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…on the first volume of Roy Thomas Presents The Heap:

…and I haven’t had a chance to do more than skim through it yet, but production values are nice, with color reproductions of the original printed pages cleaned up about as well as you can hope for, and it’s certainly cheaper than buying the original comics. So, yes, I talked myself into getting this series of books, if only because I foresaw Future-Mike haunting Future-eBay and dropping many Future-credits trying to get copies of these on the secondary market, and I would prefer that whatever remains of Future-Mike’s luxurious mane of hair not go entirely gray.

Also, you can probably guess what went through my mind when I saw this panel:

Doing this site has really affected my responses to comics, sometimes.

6 Responses to “So I got my hands…”

  • D says:

    These were a little out of my price range so I’m looking forward to some Sterling style reviews

  • IT says:


  • Jack says:

    Someone, please, photoshop that POONG! sound effect into that panel with the Heap and THEN! That’d make my year.

  • MrJM says:

    “Drop Nickles Here”

    — MrJM

  • Dave-El says:

    Past, Present AND Future COLLIDE as The HEAP faces… EVIL TIMES THREE!!

    TREMBLE in TERRROR at the TERRIBLE threat of…THEN! SCREAM in HORROW at the NIGHTMARE menace of…NOW! SHAKE in FEAR at the FRIGHTFUL force of…LATER!

    Can the The HEAP prevail or face desperate defeat in…

  • Snark Shark says:

    are there any stories entitled “A HEAP of Trouble”? Because there SHOULD be!