“Scratching off” is a terrible euphemism.

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Michael G. suggests:

“How about a comic where crucial story-event panels are hidden behind a scratch-off coating like that used on lottery tickets? In fact I can’t believe they didn’t already try that in the early 90′s.”

You know, this idea sounds so probable, especially in the gimmick-laden comics industry of the 1990s, that I think my brain actually tricked itself into believing such a thing actually happened. …It didn’t, at least not that I’m aware of, though if I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will correct and / or remind me. But I swear, I’m sitting here thinking “I know I scratched off something in a comic book…but what? WHAT?” and I’m hoping the answer isn’t “eyes from every character’s face” because that would be a bit weird. But…I don’t know. Was there maybe some kind of contest insert that needed scratching? I have no idea, but Michael G. bringing that up really triggered a very vague sense that such a thing has happened within recent memory.

Anyway, such a coating would have to be on a thicker paper to resist tearing, like maybe on a stiff paper centerfold or, perhaps, on the inside back cover, given that the cover was sturdy enough. How much more awesome, would, say, Wild Dog (already an awesome comic) have been, had the reveal been concealed by scratchable coating? “WHO IS…WILD DOG? Scratch here with a coin or key to find out!”

It did remind me of a particular…adult entertainment card set that we carried, way back in the wild ‘n’ wooly days of the trading card boom, and well out of the reach of young’uns, in which some of the special randomly-packed insert cards did indeed feature this scratch-off technology. I Googled shameful things to bring you hyperlinked, certainly Not-Safe-for-Work proof of these cards’ existence, and here you go. …It’s about as classy as you’re expecting.

And before you mention it, no, I’m not confusing scratching off these cards for my vague memory of scratching off something comic-related. I never once applied coin-to-cardboard on those trading cards, NOT ONCE well maybe once NO I DIDN’T SHUT UP

But anyway, if DC Comics is looking for a way to make that cover for Catwoman #0 even sexier…well, you folks there can have this idea for free.

EDIT 6/15/12: Corey (Ottawa) reminds us of this G.I. Joe cover from late last year!

12 Responses to ““Scratching off” is a terrible euphemism.”

  • Michael Grabowski says:

    oh, so if DC wants it, now it’s YOUR idea to give away? 8-)

  • Mike Sterling: the Stan Lee of blog-publishers.

    I kid.
    I kid because I love.

  • CW says:

    I wonder if those scratch-off adult cards are scratch’n’sniff as well …

    (Hey, someone had to make the joke!) ;)

  • Snark Shark says:

    there were some scratch-off CARDS in some 90’s marvel comics- some contest to do with the x-men!

  • ArghSims says:

    Scratching off to a a stiff paper centerfold? hmm…

  • Corey (Ottawa) says:

    the cover you may be thinking of is GI Joe #8…who is the new Cobra Commander ?!


  • Tom Wu says:

    I got a couple of scratch n’ sniff Lobo promotional cards somewhere. Mindful of both the need to keep them in mint condition (hey, Lobo was a HOTT ITEM!! back then) and my aversion to horrible smells, I never scratched them.

    I bet they’re worth like £1 now, if not less.

  • Pal Cully says:

    Didn’t the Ren and Stimpy comic have a scratch n’ sniff issue?

  • Sarah says:

    …Some days, I’m just very glad I’m not a heterosexual man.

  • Matt Jeske says:

    speaking of gimmicky effects, I always liked this superman cover with Lobo, that had colorform style vinyl clings of the characters that you could rearrange. http://www.comics.org/issue/54630/cover/4/

  • Funkula says:

    I bought a couple issues of Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals, because I didn’t know any better (nor was I familiar with sticking celebrity names on things they have no attachment to whatsoever. Anyway, my youthful indiscretions aside, they had scratch cards packed in that could all win if you scratched the right panels. Send them in, and you would be rewarded with…Tekno Comix trading cards!

  • Dan Latta says:

    Oh God… how many comic speculators could we have killed off in 1994 if they’d put a million-dollar scratch-off contest on the cover of every #1? The stress alone would’ve torn thousands of aortas…