That really is one of my favorite Superman covers.

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We’ve lost some fine comics folks recently…Batman artist (and man credited with creating the Joker) Jerry Robinson, Captain America cocreator Joe Simon, and fine comic book and comic strip artist Eduardo Barreto. There’s a lot more to those folks than my too-brief intros above, so I suggest reading the linked articles. Or Google around.

In particular, whenever I think of Barreto, I immediately associate him with two things. One, I remember him as the guy who took over from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on Atari Force (and did a swell job, by the way); and two, I remember him as the artist, both covers and interiors, for this two-part Kryptonite Man story:

To this day, that Superman issue remains one of my favorite examples of a real attention-grabbing comic book cover.

So long, Jerry, Joe, and Ed…my condolences to their family, friends, and their fans.

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10 Responses to “That really is one of my favorite Superman covers.”

  • Pietro says:

    Whenever I think of Barreto, I come up with fond memories of Batman 520, the intimate, tragic love story between Sgt. Bullock and nurse Charlotte.
    Truly a gifted artist and a great pro.

  • Chris G says:

    Barreto drew a wonderful JLIQ story. written by John Ostrander, about Sue Dibny’s birthday mystery for Ralph. Comics are supposed to look like the way he drew them.

  • mb says:

    my most fondly remembered work of Barretto’s was the Shadow Strikes! series. so good.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t recall reading anything from the other two, but I know Barreto did this one Birds of Prey issue, number 50 I think, that re-introduced Zinda Blake, Lady Blackhawk. It’s a good’un.

    Mind you, I didn’t start reading comic books until I started high school or so eight years ago, so that’s my excuse.

  • Kevin Tam says:

    Well darn, I forgot to leave my name on the comment. Anonymous is me up there.

  • ArghSims says:

    Really fond of the work of all three.

    As a kid in the ’70s, I often enjoyed the reprint books as much as the new issues, and I got to read Simon & Kirby reprints in the 4th World books during the 25-cent period, plus Fantasy Masterpieces printed lots of early Simon & Kirby Captain America.

    Some of the early Robinson Joker stories were reprinted in DC’s Limited Collector’s Edition tabloids, and they really blew my mind. I loved it, it was so moody.

    And Mr. Barreto, well, it was a pretty hard job following George Perez on Titans, but he did better than just about anyone who followed him on the book.

  • Dan Wars says:

    dear mike sterling, is Atari Force any good. Ive heard it is but, I always wondered how good an 80s video game influenced comic could be.

  • Dave-El says:

    1) Mark Waid wrote the JLIQ issue with Sue arranging a mystery for Ralph’s birthday. A sweet story! (Thanks, Meltzer, for ruining it!)
    2) The Lady Blackhawk story in BiP was #75. Shame Barreto didn’t do more art for Birds of Prey; he could draw very lovely women but without exaggerating features.
    3) I feel bad for saying this but I hated Eduardo Barreto on Teen Titans. He wasn’t George Perez so there! Over time, I came to appreciate his take on the Titans so that I was disappointed when he was replaced by…George Perez.
    4) Atari Force transcended its source material and was an excellent sci-fi comic written by Gerry Conway (I think Andy Helfer was the editor and scripted some issues) and Mike Baron with great art from Garcia Lopez and Barreto.

  • Mikester says:

    Dan Wars – The Atari Force series was a darned fine comic book, and well worth seeking out.

  • Dan Wars says:

    well then, im going to put together an Atari Force run out of quarter boxes and pour a big glass of lemonade and sit back and enjoy! thanks!