Questions I am asked at the store.

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So I had a phone call from one of regular customers, who asked “which side of Composite Superman is the Superman side?” I wasn’t able to get on the computer and check at the time (and I didn’t ask why he didn’t Google it up), but, well, I had to think about it for just a second. We all know half of Composite Superman looks like Superman, and the other half looks like Batman…but after not having read a Composite Superman story in a while, and not having looked at a Composite Superman action figure lately either, I wasn’t able to answer the gentleman with 100% confidence.

I did give him a reasonably-certain “his right side” and, when I got a chance to hop onto the internettings, I discovered I was correct:

…And the return appearances of the Composite Superman in the ’60s and ’80s, despite being a different Composite Superman at least one of those times, retained the same arrangement:

However, my goo-goo-Googling-about revealed images of a Compy Supey (as his pals call him) with the sides reversed, and that appears to be from Superman/Batman Annual #3:

…which of course resulted in that one episode of Star Trek where Kirk landed on a planet of Composite Supermen, and just could not figure out why some of the Composite Supermen hated each other so much.

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to come through with the more-or-less correct answer for that customer.

Here’s a question another customer asked:

“How come there aren’t any Miracleman trades out?”

My response: “rights issues.” …For this particular query, sometimes that’s a better response than getting into all this hoohar.


images from The Grand Comics Database

7 Responses to “Questions I am asked at the store.”

  • Teresa says:

    Now that the question’s been asked, it seems like we need to see Composite Superman face off against Reverse Composite Superman? I wonder if it can be done without invoking the idea that “the left side is sinister”?

  • Nat Gertler says:

    Didn’t Star Trek teach us that there is no real difference between a creature that is Batman on the left and Superman on the right and one that is the other way around, and that they should live in peace?

  • Sleestak says:

    No one has ever asked if the Composite Superman/Batman have and asymmetrical anus or reproductive organs? I was asked that twice in six months when I worked in a comic book store.

  • William Sims says:

    Why is he called Composite “Superman” only? And not something more inclusive like Composite “Super-Batman”? Is the Batman half not worth mentioning?

  • random surfer says:

    Have you ever been asked what flavor “Superman Ice Cream” is? (And what is it?)

  • Miked says:

    And why is his skin green? Has that question ever been answered as well? Something to do with Brainiac 5 I assume.

  • wriphe says:

    Heroclix recently released a Composite Superman figure. It has Superman on the left side and had stitching holding them together like some riff on Brother Power. I and I had assumed it was just a fluke of producing miniatures. But I see now it was the stitched-up pair from that Superman/Batman Annual. Now I know. And knowing is, ahem, half the battle.