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from Betty and Veronica Annual #7 (1959)

6 Responses to “MR. TOMPKINS, NO!”

  • Casey says:


  • Andres says:

    Trust me, that’s a sweet-looking comic.

  • CW says:

    He wants to interest the high school girls in the contents of his magic trousers.

  • DanielT says:

    There’s a blog for this!

  • swamp mark says:

    Dear Mike and Rich…please don’t let your frustration with the reboot blind you to the most important thing.Namely, SWAMPY’S BACK!!!! And what a bonus it is that he’s being handled by a creative team that seems to love the character as much as we do.Until DC comes into my house and takes away my back issues,they can’t really discard continuity anyway,right? That being said,I would still dearly love to get a look at Arcane’s child,written by Mr. Snyder,of course!

  • Sarah says:

    Why, Sluggo’d give Mr. Tompkins what-for! And then he’d ask Betty if she wanted to be his goil.